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#Paranormal Cover Reveal Midnight Magic #Mondayblogs

I’m over-the-moon excited about my new book cover created by Authors on a Dime:

A tale of ghostly charms, magic spells and secrets…

I’m still not sure about the tagline. Anyway. I had to share. Have a great week.

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  1. Fun cover. I see you’re going int a new direction. What about leaving out the “A tale of” and making it “Ghostly charms, magic spells and secrets of the night” (or whatever the appropriate secrets are.) Looking forward to the next Jo-Ann Carson book.

    1. Hi Pat,
      Surviving the stairs in Belgium? I’m loving your FB posts.
      Thanks for having a look at my cover, and liking it (Yay!!!). I think it fits my stories.
      Have fun and keep those Europe pictures coming.
      all the best,

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