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Working on a Book Tagline #Paranormal

It’s WIP (i.e., work in progress) Wednesday …
I thought I had my tagline for the book I’m publishing in the fall. It’s called Midnight Magic, A Ghost and Abby Mystery and the tagline was:
Maybe having a Viking ghost for a boyfriend isn’t such a good idea …
It worked fine until I decided that I might, just might, put this manuscript in Kindle Scout, the contest Amazon runs. Even though the chances of winning and getting a wonderful publishing contract with them is small, the exposure is great.
But the problem is the contest stipulates taglines must be no more than 45 characters. So now I’m stuck. Totally tongue tied.
I’ve come up with the following so far:

  1. At the stroke of twelve anything can happen..
  2. Beware the stroke of twelve …

But I’m not loving either. Any suggestions?

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