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Magic, Mist, & Magic – #Anthology #Review

Moon, Mist, & Magic – Review

An amazing collection of paranormal, romance novellas by award-winning writers filled with humor, suspense and surprising plot twists. Reading this anthology is like going to a really good smorgasbord and not knowing where to start. Each piece is perfectly crafted to entertain you and leave you smiling.

A Ghost of a Chance by Abigail Owen

Josie is a young woman with a problem. Her brother’s ghost tells her he needs help and the only person who can help is his best friend Bryce, who Josie has avoided for years because of her their heart-breaking past.  Owen pulled me into this story on the first page. Her characters are engaging, the plot surprising, and the writing beautiful. I can’t wait to read the next book about these characters.

Dangerous Dreams (an Obsidian Flame Prequel) by J.C. McKenzie

With her trademark, wicked sense of humor, sexy romance and strong heroine J.C. McKenzie knocks this novella out of the park, or I guess I should say dragon’s kingdom.  It’s a first taste of her new series that left me hungry for more. Rafael Dragoi, the big, bad Astarot of the Obsidian dragons hires Lara to protect him, not knowing that she herself is a dragon. Secrets and magic abound in this story. The inner-dialogue between Lara and her dragon had me laughing out loud. A true delight.

Myths and Legends 101 by L.A. Kelley

A demon and a lovable Hawaiian demon hunter propel this story of a mild-mannered academic, Jim who discovers there is more to life than what you see and that love is part of that. A fun paranormal romance.

And that’s not all. There are two more great stories: The Keeper by Sharon Saracino and Witch You Were Here by Maureen L. Bonatch.

I strongly recommend this anthology to anyone who likes paranormal romance. It’s amazing.

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