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My #1 Pet Peeve – Hollywood Heroes

As the series I’m writing is post-apocalyptic, I’ve been studying the genre. Last weekend I watched the 2008, Science Fiction movie, Babylon A.D. (on Shomi) starring Vin Diesel. I enjoyed parts of it, but it left me feeling angry, to be honest. It  hit me between the eyes, as if it were a futuristic migraine, my number one pet peeve – Male Hollywood Heroes.
(Spoiler Alert) At the end of the story two adorable children are left in the care of the male hero (okay, their genetically engineered, but that’s beside the point). Vin Diesel saved the day (with some difficulty) and is now rescuing the future by raising the children. They are mankind’s hope for tomorrow in a dreary, future world. But the question has to be asked: why didn’t the writer let the lead woman take the children in the end. He could easily have killed off the male hero in the last action scene instead of her. She had raised the children’s mother, had been a depicted as a competent and caring parent from he beginning. So why did they give the children to a man who had never shown any inclination to be a father?
After the movie, my husband  asked me if I thought it was odd.
Heck, yeah, it’s odd. But that’s Hollywood. They won’t let a woman be the ultimate hero. They continue to feed us paternal gruel  in the form of entertaining stories. I for one am sick of it.
That’s my number one pet peeve Hollywood’s depiction of the hero. The big man, surrounded by large breasted women with minuscule brains.
I wouldn’t go as far as saying Hollywood is misogynistic, but it certainly is blind. I don’t think that’s fair to men or women. Aren’t we all in this together?
I know there are some things men do better than women, but the reverse is true as well. I hope that my granddaughters will live to see the day when heroes are considered heroes because of their virtues and deeds, not because of what they pack between their legs.

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  1. It’s hard to make an informed comment on that without watching the movie, which I’m sure, won’t bother Hollywood at all. Going by the trailer it’s a traditional action movie of the type Vin Diesel generally stars in. The ending seems to be more of a plot twist which changes the character and makes him more multi-dimensional. The bigger question is why men always have to be the heroes. With the exception of Sigourney Weaver in Alien I’m hard pressed to think of an action movie who’s main character is a woman.
    But women are in all our armed forces now with some at high levels. They can definitely attain a high level of fitness, have the smarts and are more than capable of using all types of weaponry. Would such a woman make a great parent by virtue of being female?I have my doubts.

  2. I don’t think Babylon AD is a good representation of the genre. If anything, I’d argue, out of all the movie genres in Holleywood, SciFi/Fantasy is more likely to have strong female leads–just look at the Aliens, Resident Evil and Underworld franchises. 🙂
    If it’s a Vin Diesel movie, it’s going to be an alpha male type movie.

    1. Hi JC
      Perhaps not. It just got me riled up.
      I love Alien and Sigourney plays a powerful role in that. I haven’t watched the other two.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love Mad Max Fury Road for its strong female and male characters. It’s post-apocalyptic but I’m not sure I think of it as a Sci-Fi movie…still it was shelved in that section for DVDS.

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