The Glass is Refillable - Jo-Ann Carson

The Glass is Refillable

Optimists say the cup is half full.
Pessimists say the cup is half empty.
But they miss the point. The glass is refillable. I saw this line in a Facebook meme that pictured a half glass of red wine and it gave me pause for thought.
My glass is refillable? Hell, yeah.
Rather than spend time worrying about the amount of wine I have in my glass, I take the next step. The meme was a joke with a punch.Sometimes we all get held back by our thoughts and feelings. They create a resistance to movement, to change. What if I fail? What if I’m not ready for this? What if the sky collapses? You know what I mean. The what-ifs can be paralyzing.
Some people use affirmations to get past the crap that clogs our brains, but when I’m feeling particularly vulnerable, my mind just laughs at them. I’m glad they work for others, but not for me.
Other people drink or do drugs  or find some other means to deafen their mind to their insecurities. They may have fun in the process,  but that doesn’t work for me either. Im a lousy drinker.
I like the image of the refillable glass. Instead of worrying about how prepared I am, or the state of the world around me, I simply step forward. If I fall in my face, I can get up again and pour another glass.
The imagination is humanity’s most powerful gift. Creativity springs from deep within our collective soul. It has no edges, no fences, no limits. It is beyond dimension. And it has no fear.
So, my friends, fill your glass.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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  1. Hey Jo-Ann, I saw that facebook post quite awhile back and refer to it all the time. I also think about the people whose glasses are cracked or broken. Its all about perspective, so by all means, fill me up.

  2. Hi Pat,
    How did the last workshop in Victoria go? I thought of you that day, talking about writing series. Your book bibles fascinated me and I’m sure the audience loved it.
    Guessing by your response, you had your wine after and not before.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    Cheers to full glasses,

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