Shadows - Lexi.2 - Post-Apocalyptic Haiku - Jo-Ann Carson

Shadows – Lexi.2 – Post-Apocalyptic Haiku

As Lexi struggles in the shadow years following the apocalypse she keeps a Haiku Journal. Lexi is the heroine of my work-in-progress, The Awakening.

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    1. Thanks Judy,
      The haiku form fascinates me and I’ll be talking about that in tomorrow’s post.
      I’m enjoying writing them, so it seemed natural to imagine what my heroine would write in Haiku about the world after the apocalypse. Her haikus start chapters in the book that are in her POV (i.e., point of view). But I may change that. They could start all chapters. We’ll see.
      So to answer your question, and it’s a good one, the poems are coming out of Lesi’s character and her circumstances. They are more a result than a plan. If that makes any sense.
      The haiku doesn’t come first, her story does.
      Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my haiku.
      Best Wishes

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