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Summer Promises – #Haiku

Sunshine and good timesReflected in your laughterSummer promises
I remember summers past. Sitting in Adirondack chairs at cottages in the Muskoka lakes lathered up with mosquito repellent, laughing with school friends, driftwood campfires on long deserted beaches on the Haida Gwaii with eagles dancing on the wind currents above us,  spitting watermelon seed competitions, picnics on the side of the road, corn roasts, popsicles, the smell of burgers on the barbecue, loons calling on Manitoulin Island … Wonderful memories drift into my mind with the warm breezes of spring.
How about you?

btw – Me and my totally awesome salmon quiche recipe are visiting Lois Winston’s blog today. What something different for dinner? Check it out. It’s my best fish recipe from the Haida Gwaii.

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  1. Lovely haiku. I remember one summer camping along Okanagan Lake with my kids, both teenagers. We lived
    on sweet cherries, in season and hot dogs roasted over a campfire. I’d forgotten to bring anything to read so my daughter and I shared ‘Dune’. it was a beautifully restful holiday.

    1. Oh Helena
      That sounds to me like a perfect holiday. I loved Dune and sharing a good book with a loved one just makes it sweeter. Cherries and a camfire – heaven. Love summer memories.
      Thanks for adding yours,

  2. Wonderful post. Today is my 46th anniversary. I enjoyed your nostalgic and beautiful description. We spent a week each summer at Sand Lake in Eastern Ontario near Gananogue and The Thousand Islands. Simpler times and lovely swimming areas and perfect for fishing. Then we went up North to the Muskokas, Lake of Bays, Lake Joseph. Sauble beach and what a lovely setting.

    1. Thank you. And happy anniversary. I love the cottage areas of Ontario. I may have become a west coast girl, but my girlhood memories are alive in my heart. Thanks for stopping by and adding your story.
      Best Wishes

  3. I remember summers spent around a swimming hole. When that got boring we could go a little further down and swing out on a rope and then drop down. Sometimes we went to the beach and collected sand dollars. Always there was a feeling of freedom with time stretching out forever with no end in sight.

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