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Women Murdered in Their Homes – Where is the Justice?

“In Canada, a woman is murdered by her intimate partner once every 6 days. In Canada’s last decade, more women were killed by their partner than soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

These two statistics are in the new documentary, The War At Home.”  

(from The War At Home: documentary looks at Canada’s failure to help women flee partner violence, a CBC podcast)

When I heard these words on the radio my heart froze. How could this be true? Am I living with my head in the sand? Of course I knew some women are in abusive relationships, but I had no idea how many or how many die. Our society doesn’t do enough for them. It is a chilling podcast.

“When one of the women in our film is battered and bruised to the point where it takes two pages to document that, and he [the abuser] gets a $50 fine, which is a smaller fine than we’ve had on parking tickets — I don’t know what’s going on.”

Shelley Saywell on why there needs to be a national strategy to handle domestic violence (ibid)

Doreen Nicol said this about the documentary on the Rabble.ca blog:

“There’s a war raging across Canada.  It’s invisible, but deadly with extensive collateral damage. The destruction is aided and abetted by our current health care, criminal justice, family law and political systems.  Truth is, we all support this war by simply ignoring it — and that’s just too easy to do because it is fought in private havens that should provide sanctuary to every woman: their homes.

Award-winning filmmaker Shelley Saywell has created an incredibly intimate documentary,The War at Home, by examining the stark realities of intimate partner violence from a feminist perspective using a gendered lens.“

We need a national strategy to protect violence against women. Women should feel safe in their homes. Here is a clip from the documentary.

Resources for Abused Women

6 Replies to “Women Murdered in Their Homes – Where is the Justice?”

  1. Wow that is shocking. We never know what someone may be experiencing at home. I always think about child abuse too. People don’t even treat each other decent out in public anymore.

    1. Hi Gina,
      I’m shocked too. I really hope this documentary will lead to legislative changes. We can’t sit by and let the vulnerable be hurt. ugh.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Best Wishes

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