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How to Take Charge of Your Own Marketing in 2016

Wait a minute. Wait a long minute. Am I a marketing expert?

No, I’m not.  But, because I am not an expert looking for a way into your wallet, I believe I have an important perspective to share. I am a fledgling writer trying to survive in the ever-changing world of modern publishing. If that rings a bell for you, read on.

This is what I see:

  • a crazy, market place that’s hard to predict
  • small and large publishing houses crumbling
  • sharper than sharp people feeding on writer’s insecurities and promising grand results
  • every marketer says he’s an expert and has THE ANSWER!

This is what I don’t see:

  • common- sense

my strategy (I call it Carson.1):

  1. Give my head a shake. Stop looking for THE ANSWER. It doesn’t exist.
  2. Read free information on marketing, and try strategies that make sense to me. (for example: putting more time into writing on my blog to engage more readers)
  3. Listen to other authors. They are the best source of information. Four of my favorite sources are: my friends, the Indie Yahoo loop and Guppy Marketing Yahoo loop.
  4. Experiment with marketing strategies I can control. For example, I: 1) have a system set up with my newsletter, so that when a new reader subscribes, I send them a free book and chat with them over several days (this is not new or revolutionary but is one of strategies the marketers suggest and you don’t need to pay them to do it) 2) blog and group blog, 3) have a website and be active on Twitter and Facebook, 4) host and take part in Facebook parties, 5) use Choosy Bookworm’s read and review program, and my new favorite– 6) have a kick-ass street team.


…is elusive and defined differently by all of us. I haven’t made any lists, been phoned by Oprah, or been recognized in public. But none of those things matter to me.

Right now success for me is having the opportunity to write, publish and organically grow my audience. That is happening.

Should I sell the house and my husband and hire a professional team of marketers? Honestly, I don’t think it would make that much of a difference. I’m calling the Emperor-is-really-naked card. Most of the marketers don’t really know how to sell my book in the new publishing world. They just know how to market themselves.

My time is best spent the old fashioned way – writing and becoming a better writer.

Am I being arrogant to criticize marketers? Possibly. I’m sure there are many out there that do good work and fill a needed niche. But I also see the other kind, who prey on the insecurities of writers. They remind me of ambulance chasing lawyers. End of rant.

Will “Carson.1” work? We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.


shutterstock_104723360 (1)How about you? Do you have any marketing tips to share? Are you tired of all the marketing noise out there?


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2 Replies to “How to Take Charge of Your Own Marketing in 2016”

  1. Tired? I am OVERWHELMED by the marketing buzz out there. And I have barely gotten started. but as always, when confused, I’ll say to myself, what would JoAnn Carson do?
    Sort of joking but sort of not. thank you for being so open and sharing.

    1. Hi Judy,
      Kind remarks. I think five years from now we’ll look back at this time and laugh. But it may take some wine. lol.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Best Wishes always

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