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The Zen of Group Blogging

The publishing world is crumbling, and as bricks and mortar fly in every direction, writers duck and cover, intent on living long enough to tell another tale. But is that enough?

How can we thrive in this chaos?

Slick solutions offered by marketing experts chase me around the Internet like a hungry pack of wolves. Despite the fact  the digital revolution is changing the world of books by the nano-second and no one really knows what works, self-proclaimed experts  tell me they have the golden secret to success and will share it if I pay them a wad of money. For an appetizer, they tell me I need to do this to my tweets and that to my Facebook posts. They tell me I need a solid, social media platform with a newsletter and above all I must sell myself, not my books. Yada . . . Yada . . . Yada. The sermons sound the same.

Featured Image -- 6643I listen. I learn. But I want more.

I want the simple pleasure of sharing my stories with readers. I want the Zen of writing.

So do I have an answer? No, but I do have hope.

My hope is that together writers can be heard. That’s why I started The Sisters of Suspense blog last summer. Twenty  Romantic Suspense writers contribute to the blog and we post almost every day. Our styles and themes vary as do the books we write, giving us a wider audience than any one of us has on our own. Our diverse backgrounds bring all kinds of knowledge to our group and our unified commitment to our project gives us strength. Many of us continue to have our individual blogs, but the group blog gives us wider exposure.The added bonus is the friendships that grow between us. Writing is a tough gig, but when you have good friends beside you, the journey is easier, more fun and more fulfilling. We enjoy each other’s successes.

Snippets of Suspense LRG

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The creativity and synchronicity within a group of writers is magical.  And it isn’t limited to the blog. We created a free sampler of some of our books, Snippets of Suspense, and held two fantastically successful Facebook parties. We’ve all gained new friends and fans and found some great books to read. We learn from each other.

The downside? There isn’t one.

I’m no expert on anything, trust me on that, but I am trying to find my writing zen and this group is helping. I highly recommend gathering like-minded creative people around you.

The zen of group blogging helps me get closer to the zen of writing. 

A Zen Koan – Your Own Treasure House

Daiju visited the master Baso in China. Baso asked; “What do you seek?”

“Enlightenment,” replied Daiju.

“You have your own treasure house. Why do you search outside? Baso asked.

Diaju inquired: “Where is my treasure house?”

Baso answered: “What you are asking is your treasure house.”

Daijus was enlightened! Ever after he urged his friends: “Open your own treasure house and use those treasures.” (from The Collection of Stone and Sand, Shaseki-shu)

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What is you favorite survival tactic for these crazy times? As always, I love to hear your thoughts.

BTW – In May at The Creative Ink Festival in Vancouver four of us will be giving a workshop, How to Get Attention Without Getting Naked. We’ll be talking about what we’ve learned from doing a group blog. We would love to see you there.



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8 Replies to “The Zen of Group Blogging”

  1. Awesome post, Jo-Ann. Learning from each other, supporting one another – life is too short, and this business is too nerve-wracking, to go it alone. Take a friend … or 20.

  2. A lot of times I’m more in the Hot Mess mode than Zen but I truly enojoy being part of the blog and I hope to have more Zen like moments.

    1. Hi Pat
      “Hot Mess,” eh? Nothing like working in a hospital emergency room to do that to you. I don’t know how you manage it all.
      But I’m so glad you’re part of our group.
      Wishing you many Zen moments

  3. Great post JoAnn. As I circle around my upcoming publishing dates like a Sheltie around a flock of uncooperative sheep, I often ask myself, “What would JoAnn do?” You’re my guru.
    Let’s get together soon.

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