A Book Dedication to Remember #MondayBlogs #Authors @JC_McKenzie - Jo-Ann Carson

A Book Dedication to Remember #MondayBlogs #Authors @JC_McKenzie

I am grateful for the many wonderful moments that have brought meaning and to my life. Some rise above the rest. You know what I mean. We all have them. Sometimes they percolate through your life slowly growing momentum until they overwhelm you. Sometimes they slap you in the face. Powerful events that take your breathe away . . . leave you in awe . . . make you feel more alive. They are pure magic.

This weekend I had one of those moments. I read the dedication in my daughter J.C. McKenzie’s latest book and for a second my world stood still as my heart filled with joy.

“To my sister, H, for her love of books. If you hadn’t devoured fantasy novels through adolescence, or I hadn’t followed you like a shadow wanting to do everything you did, I would never have discovered the world of urban fantasy. Thank you.”

Let me tell you, my darling daughters argued all-day, every-day, when they were young. To see them now appreciate one another is a dream come true.

shift workI really want to read JC’s latest book, Shift Work, the fourth book in her popular, urban fantasy, Carus series, but I’m having trouble getting past the dedication. Btw, it launches today.

And that is what is on my mind and in my heart this fine morning.


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  1. My older sister too was a big reader. we were 7 years apart so she used to like to play school a lot. Of course she was always the teacher. I’m sure I learned a lot from her without even realizing it.
    We are quite close now. Nice post. 🙂

  2. Aww. My son is an only. He learned early on that siblings could fight with each other but the minut he said something they’d be going, ‘hey that’s my….” I thought you were going to say she dedicated the book to you.

  3. All of us in my family were and still are big readers and we all have different favourite genres. One of my sister’s is a big romance reader and it was her that encouraged me to pursue writing.
    Lovely dedication in J.C.’s book. I’ll read the book for you Jo-Ann since I love urban fantasy.
    the other Pat

    1. Hi Pat, who will never be an “other” to me,
      I remember you mentioning how much your sister loves books. How lucky for you. And how lucky for us, who get to read your stories.
      Thank you for stopping by and chatting. I hope you like her book.

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