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My FB Party Hangover Lasted a Week

Last Friday I hosted a Facebook Part to celebrate the launch of my latest book Black Cat Blues. What a rush!

It went for six and a half hours, but many of the contests went on into the next day and I think one or two into the day following that. The chatter on the site continued for days. Wonderful chatter about books, and life and of course men. Great fun.

I chatted with old friends and met a ton of new people. We talked about everything under the sun and laughed a lot. For those who aren’t familiar with these events let me describe how it worked. I opened and was “on stage” for the first twenty minutes. I introduced the party, set up the sign in post with the big prize and ran two smaller contests. Then Judy Hudson followed with her introduction and games for the next twenty minutes, but all my posts were still live. Then another . . . and so on, until the party was over. Eighteen writers had introductions and games running. On the side I had the message bar open to all of the co-hosts and a conversation was going on there too. Mostly it was about who was up next and how well things were going, but at one point we had a gif conversation that cracked me up.  Talk about multi-tasking. I’d be following conversations in several posts at a time as well as talking on the message board. What a riot!

By the end of the party my stats read: 147 went and 1.3K were invited! Amazing results for my first time.

shutterstock_131758556TQ TQ TQ

I could not have done this without the sisters (i.e., Sisters of Suspense) who were there supporting me all the way. Most of them made an appearance and kept things happening. Also big thanks go to my other writing friends who joined in. (Here is a list in time order of all the authors: Judy Hudson, Claire Gem, Jerrie Alexander, Mia Kay, Reggi Allder,  Jennae Vale, Pat Amsden, Stephanie Taylor, Jacquie Biggar, Melissa Keir,  Barbara Monajem, Marian Lanouette, Sarah Andre, Marsha R. West,  Kathryn Jane, Jacqui Nelson, JC McKenzie and Shereen Vedam)

A huge thank you and a bundle of white daises  go to my daughter JC McKenzie who got me through the initial hurdles of setting up the event and invited a ton of people.


The Scream, 1893 Edvard Munch

My Blooper

No social event would be complete without a blooper, and I had a real whopper. I went up to my writing loft thirty minutes ahead of the party start-time to be prepared. I had planned this party for over a month. All my posts were written and sitting on my desktop. All my pictures . . . You get the idea. I was uber-ready. Or so I thought.

I looked at the screen with horror. Windows had decided to update! Aaaaaah! Why now? Why me? I pushed control, alt, delete. Nothing. I pushed the power button. Nothing. I watched the updates. 2% and going slowly. Time ticked by. I repushed the buttons. Nothing . . . Nothing . . . Nothing . . .

In a frantic state I phoned Judy who was scheduled to follow me at the party. She’s never done a party before, but I asked her to be ready to go first. She agreed. So I had a fall-back plan.

I messaged PJ my techie husband even though I knew he couldn’t receive the message. I swore a lot. I racked my brain. And with five minutes to go, I pushed on the power button hard. I later found out this is called a hard reboot.

The screen responded. It stopped the updating and told me it had to re-install the last configuration. Sweet, sweet Jesus. Three minutes to go. My stomach was in my mouth. I really wanted this to go well. Was this going to kill my machine? I was almost beyond caring. I crossed my fingers and prayed.

Boom . . . I was in. I posted my introduction two minute before schedule. My heart hammered. My fingers sweat. I was beyond reason. But I was live and the party was starting.

Except . . . my mouse died. Now really, my mouse! Of all the times it could choose to die, why did it choose that moment? I ran downstairs, found a battery and ran up again. Within a couple minutes I was operational again. Phew! Second hurdle over.

I jump started the party.

chickendanceaniThe Hangover

The next morning I awoke with burning eyes, stiff shoulders and an aching body. I felt like I had ran a marathon. But I couldn’t stop smiling. My first review came in before midnight and more were appearing. I made it to 186 in one category on Amazon! I had many more followers on Twitter, FB, and my Amazon author page.

People liked my book and my party. All the work and all the worry was worth it. I’m almost back to normal now. If I was every normal.

What did I learn?

To have my posts on a thumb drive so I can use any computer to upload them.  And many other things, which I will write about another day.

shutterstock_104723360 (1)What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you when you had a party?



11 Replies to “My FB Party Hangover Lasted a Week”

  1. Oh Jo-Ann, I wish I could have been there. The windows update thing was utterly frantic for you, yet one day, you’ll die laughing. Great rejoicing!

  2. You might have been panicked Jo., but it never showed. And the FB party before this one, I screwed up the time so in my mind I was on 3 hours later instead of 3 hours earlier. I planned around this time with everything ready and waiting at home. Only the party was happening now and I was at work, Luckily I convinced a co-worker to switch breaks with me and did my hosting from the library at work. It was fun and I had a lot of participation from guests even if it wasn’t as well prepared as I expected it to be.

    1. Hi Pat
      I loved your theme: Romantic movies. What a great idea. All our readers love Romantic movies. You got lots of conversations going and everyone had a great time.
      Our foibles didn’t show. lol. Which is a good thing.
      Thanks again for being an awesome co-host.
      Best Wishes

  3. Hey, Jo-Ann, I can’t believe you had the windows thing going on like that! Bless your heart, but it all worked out smoothly. No one would’ve known about chaos if you had told, but you told it so well, I’m glad you did. Your writing is why your books do so well. You string words together in a creative way. You know I can never remember where the refresh button is. (I might be able to this time.) Depend on how long until the next party. LOL Generally, I just have trouble following all the lines. Though, I’m not nearly as uptight about them as I used to be. Thanks for the practice.I’ve shared. 🙂

  4. Oh Marsha
    You and your pet photos were a blast at the party. Who cares about the refresh button. lol
    Thank you for your generous compliments and for being such a good friend. Imagine the tales we will gather on our journey.
    Thank you also for visiting me on my blog and shouting out about it on your launch day. You are amazing.
    Best Wishes

  5. Jo-Ann I loved your party and the book. I plan on reviewing it tomorrow. Maggie Malone is another wonderful strong female character. The worst thing that ever happened to me when I had a party was when I threw a graduation party for my younger brother. I spent the week before deep cleaning the house and sprucing up the outside. This involved pulling weeds and I got a very bad case of poison ivy. It was so bad I had to go get steroids at the Dr. I was covered in poison ivy from head to toe for the party.

  6. Hi Gina
    Poison Ivy from head to foot! You have to be kidding me! That’s just sooo freaking awful. But it’s a great story and I bet the two of you will never forget that party. Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you also for being a part of my launch party and for your compliments. You rock!
    I can’t wait to read your review.
    Best Wishes
    who believes that one of the best things about being a writer is meeting awesome readers like you.

  7. Thanks for the shout out, mom! I had a great time at the party and your last minute stressed didn’t show at all! I’ve also had an inconvenient update. Happened about 2 hours prior to the show, but that wasn’t the big deal. All my files were hidden! I tried to remain calm and restarted the computer, but it was the longest 5 minutes to find out everything was fine! Lol! Great tip about the thumb drive! 🙂

  8. Hi Darling
    Oh my goodness. You too! What a strange day. I know what you mean about long 5 minutes. In the thirty it took me to get restarted I swear my heart stopped at least five times.
    Where the heck were your files hiding? And I always think you have it all together. This shows that it can happen to anyone.
    Thanks for sharing.
    And thank you again for all your help with the party.

    1. Hi Emma
      I know. I have to figure out where I can manage the updates so I don’t get caught at such at awkward moment. It was truly terrifying. The party was a hoot. Thanks so much for stopping by and chatting.
      Maybe next time you’d like to co-host with me. Nudge, nudge.

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