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Black Cat Blues Early #Reviews

I am over the moon, almost out of the galaxy excited. The party was an enormous success. More about that later and now, the reviews are coming in. Have a peak:
By Nicole Laverdure on January 15, 2016

Black Cat Blues, is a heart-stopping non-stop thrilling suspense. I could not put it down! It kept me reading until late into the night. I devoured it to find out who was the murderer! Exciting till the very last page. Amazing debut, for Jo-Ann Carson’s new series Vancouver Blues Suspense. A must to read if you love thriller suspense with a romantic touch! Excellent writing, a very fast-paced thriller that you won’t want to put down.

Set, in Vancouver, on the West coast of Canada and Grandville Island where the heroine Maggy lives on her boat. The story starts as, Jimmy Daniels, a private investigator, is stabbed to death in an alley behind the Black Cat Blues bar, where Maggy, is a blues singer. While he is dying, he reveals to her a secret! Enters in her life, Jimmy’s brother, Logan, a gorgeous man, who intends to find out who is the murderer! They will team up to find clues to help their case, but danger is still lurking in the background. Who did it? Another man named, Hunter, will offer his help, both Hunter and Logan will fall for the beautiful Maggy. Which one will she choose? Is she ready for a long time commitment? Is she safe from danger with the murderer still not caught? Just follow her wild adventure to know more.

This thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat until the exciting conclusion. Black Cat Blues, is one of the very best thrillers I have read. I have Ms. Carson on my must read list now, and can’t wait for the next book. I enjoyed it so much that I highly recommend it.

Jo-Ann Carson will put a spell on you with this story about blues singer Maggy Malone. The suspense never lets up as we follow Maggy – and a series of murders – from the Black Cat Bar, to her houseboat at the Shady Lane Marina, to police stations and libraries and thrilling boat rides in fair and foul weather. The music quotes heading each chapter were a great addition to this wonderful story.

 Maggy Malone has gotten off work when she gets the shock of her life.  Logan Daniel also gets the shock of his life.  It’s interesting how a dead body can bring two people together.
What I found interesting was that the author exposes a killer almost from the beginning.  Usually the mystery builds over the course of the story.  Knowing who the villain is throughout the story puts a new twist on things.  The reader is able to get inside the head of a murderer.  I actually like how the author handled this.
Music plays a strong role and the title will give you a hint as to what type of music you may want to check out.  If you want to go old school you could check out Billie Holiday, someone you might not think you could try Bonnie Raitt, or maybe you want someone newer you could try Samantha Fish. Music can help us feel better and it can also tell others how we may be feeling.
Our author weaves her story around someone known as Brother XII.  He is someone who actually existed.  So if you are a person that likes to do a little research, and you’ve enjoyed this book, you may want to see what you can find out about him.  You may also find that you want to take a road trip and see what you can discover about him.
Some may wonder how you can like a book that reveals the evil of the piece at the beginning of a story but what will pull you in is how the author teases her readers.  Both Maggy and Logan have their individual stories that play out during the course of the story but every time they are in each other’s vicinity is when our author teases us and she continues right up until the last period.  That’s when you will realize that this ride isn’t over yet.  You will have to continue the ride by reading Ain’t Misbehavin’ which is coming out this Spring.

from Petula Winmill on her blog, Warrior Woman Winmill

Maggie Malone is a blues Singer, who is also working two day jobs to make ends meet. As she leaves the club one night she finds a dying man. This is just the start of the s*** storm that comes into her life.
Between the policeman who is convinced she is hiding something,  Logan, the victim’s brother, and the killer,  Maggie has far too much on her plate. All she wants is to sing.
This is a fast moving thriller. We know who the killer is because he talks also, but no-one else does. Why is he killing?  Will he find what he is looking for?  How many must die before he is caught ? There is a romantic flavour to go with the mystery, but even that has our heroine confused. She must solve the puzzle before any more people close to her pay the price. An intriguing read.

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