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What Not to do for a FB Party

My list of “no-nos” is growing quickly.

Friday (Jan. 15) is my launch day for Black Cat Blues, the first book in my Vancouver Blues Suspense series, and in honor of it, I’m hosting a six hour party.

Me, the shy girl in the corner of the room is having a six hour party. And I wonder why I keep making mistakes? (head shaking)

Launch Party simple

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One – Invite your co-hosts

I mean really invite them. I have eighteen authors “co-hosting” with me. Each has a fifteen minute time slot on the schedule during which they will introduce themselves, play games, tell everyone about their books and run a giveaway contest. If you’re coming expect bare-chested men, lots of chatter, laughter and the opportunity to meet people who love books.

Sounds great doesn’t it. Except I didn’t really add my author friends. I thought I had, but me and FB don’t ever seem to be on the same page. There is a special spot where I needed to add them, so that they could actually comment on the party page.

If the party had started and they couldn’t get on the page, it would have been a disaster. Thankfully my daughter JC McKenzie  tapped me on the shoulder and told me what to do.

Two – Open the Party Page so that everyone can comment

Again, that sounds obvious. And again me and FB aren’t in the same galaxy. I assumed if I had organized an event and invited people they could play on the page. Nuh uh. There is a special place where I had to tick a box.

Three – Beware of FB “Boosts”

My face is crimson. Has been for weeks. When I started planning my party about a month ago, it made sense to me to do what FB calls “boost” my advertising post so that more people could see it. But I boosted too soon and too much.

I won’t even admit what that meant in dollars and cents. It hurts too much. I had set a humble ceiling of $12.00, but somehow along the way that number escalated to $300. I did stop it long before I hit that number, but I still spent more money than I had budgeted for, and I don’t think the boost really helped anyone but FB.

Well, that’s me four days before my big launch and even bigger launch party. Wish me good luck. Come have some fun if you’re in the mood. I’m sure I’ll have more FB party no-no’s to post soon.



18 Replies to “What Not to do for a FB Party”

  1. Jo-Ann a big learning curve but you are certainly up for it and making excellent progress. I follow with great anticipation well done.

  2. Hey, Jo-Ann. Great shares. All things I would’ve messed up. I’m just smart enough to know to not try this myself. LOL So do you have a new website? This doesn’t look like where I usually go. But that’s me–lost in cyberland. I shared. 🙂

    1. Hi Marsha
      It’s not a new website, although it looks like one. It’s a new WP theme. I like it because links show up more clearly, and the featured pictures are nicely displayed.It has the same URL address.
      Lost in Cyberland – I think you and I could write the guide for that one. lol.
      I’m sure I’m going to make a ton of mistakes on Friday, but that seems to be my way of learning things. I know others will help me through it. Thanks so much for stopping by and chatting.
      Best Wishes always

  3. Loved your post, mom! And you’re not the only one to stumble on a few FB quirks. Doesn’t help that they’re constantly changing things. I’m still mad about the FB ad/boost thing on your behalf. They’re getting verrrry sneaky on how they do things and if you miss one box to click, they make you pay for it, literally. Grrr!

    1. JC
      I could not have done this without your help. TQ again.
      Yeah, I’m not at all sure how my boost-experience went wild, but I’m sure going to be careful with FB from now on.

  4. Good tips! 🙂 I am sorry to hear about your experience with the FB boost. I always wondered about trying that to see how it would work, but I was scared something like that might happen for some reason. I wonder if there is a way to get your money back, since you did set the limit to $12?

    1. Hi Sara
      Thanks for letting me vent. I undoubtedly gave them permission along the way. They kept asking me if I wanted this or that posted. I kept assuming they were re-confirming the same order. But I was wrong. I was escalating the whole thing. But I learned a good lesson. Be wary of FB. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Best Wishes

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