A No Hashtag Morning Ramble - Jo-Ann Carson

A No Hashtag Morning Ramble

Jo-Ann Carson Author Photo DSC01315Today I just feeling like chatting. No hashtags to maximize my sm reach. No long list of tags. None of that stuff. Just you and me and a good cup of homemade, medium roast coffee.

If I had more energy I’d draw a picture of myself as I look right now: gray yoga pants, pink plaid shirt, well-worn Birkenstock and messy hair. But I put up a profile pic instead. I still haven’t got my scanner working since I uploaded Windows 10. Anyway, trust me, I’m comfortable.

What’s on my mind? I have been feeling like a housefly stuck on the inside of a window flying frantically in all directions trying to find a way out. But as the days grow shorter my direction seems to be straightening and I’m feeling good about the progress I’m making on the two books I’m writing. Still my life, which I truly believe is  blessed, keeps getting in my way.

I know. I know. It’s me getting in the way of my life, but it feels like it’s the other way around.

Some of my latest diversions:

Monday was Election Day

I worked fifteen hours on election day as a poll clerk (i.e., Oct. 19th

from http://www.alllatestfestival.com/canada-day-moose.html

from http://www.alllatestfestival.com/canada-day-moose.html

Canadian federal election) . While I crossed names off the voting list, I collected stories. That’s what writers do.

Watching people who had difficulty getting to the polling center come in to vote melted my cynical heart.  People with canes. People with walkers. People with motorized wheel chairs. Blind people. People who could barely speak English. Old couples who held each other up like two towers of Piza making one whole. Young people with bright eyes, keen to be able to vote for the first time in their lives. Unbelievable.

I talked with a man who lives in a homeless shelter who hadn’t voted for over thirty years, but he was determined to vote this time. Someone had told him his vote counted. His enthusiasm for the democratic system in a world, which clearly has not been easy for him, took my breath away.

Despite the fact the results in my riding were predictable, and the Liberals had won a majority before we started our count, the experience was exciting and memorable.

And of course there were character. Many, many characters. But I’m not printing anything about them here. Maybe in a book…

Tuesday I was a Virgin at a Facebook Party

On Tuesday October 20th I took part in my first Facebook Party, hosted by Veronica Forand to celebrate the launch of her kick-ass Romantic Thriller, True Deceptions (I reviewed it yesterday – great book).

It was an honor to be among twenty or so great writers. I had a twenty minute spot, which I filled with three games. The first was a word association game. I started it with the word, foreshadow, and it went from there. The second game was an Ancient Egypt trivia game to tie in with my Mata Hari series. I had a winner within minutes. My third game was a “introduce yourself ” game. I followed several writers who posted pictures of really sexy men, so I worried that my games would be too bland, but the guests loved them. I gave away books and Amazon gift cards and typed as fast as I could. It was a blast. I met new readers and I talked about books.

What did I learn?

  1. Not to tell people to sign up to my newsletter before they play one of my games, because of course there was a glitch with the newsletter. I’ve got Go Daddy working on that.
  2. Not to bother trying to upload my video trailer, because it takes too long.
  3. Spend all my time interacting with visitors.

Scribling on Two Blogsmunch

I’ve been putting my energy into my Sisters of Suspense blog and it’s s running pretty smoothly now, so I’ll be sharing my time more equally between both blogs from now on.

Discovering Heaven  (aka Pressbooks)

Since Mimi Barbour showed me how to use Pressbooks, I’ve been re-formatting all my ebooks. The program is easy to use and it keeps me organized. I’ve polished up my front and back matter and linked them better. It’s sweeeet.

In the front matter I added a foreword, which the reader lands on. It gives them a picture of the cover and the back blurb to remind them what the book is about. I edited my praise page to show some of my latest reviews, and expanded on my acknowledgement page. In the back pages I reworked links, and added book excerpts.


I leave you with hilarious John Oliver video about the Canadian election.

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  1. I sometimes think everyone should work in an election station at least once. It’s eye opening and humbling.

    I was part of the FB party and it rocked. Although getting on was a little rough. I’m hoping to have a chance to read the book soon because everything I’ve read makes me sure it will be fantastic.

    Have a fabulous week Jo-Ann. You deserve it.

    1. Hi Pat
      Right back atcha. I don’t know how you do everything you do.
      You were right about working the election. I loved it. It was fun being in the same FB party. We have to do that again.
      Thanks for stopping by and chatting.
      my best

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