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Lovin Danger is Getting a Polish

lovin' danger largeToday I uploaded a new file for my latest novella, Lovin’ Danger.  It should be active within twenty-four hours. I fixed a few typos and reworked my front and back pages. I’ve now learned that I need to slow down when I’m writing them. Below is my new acknowledgment page for the novella. It reads a lot better than a list:)

I could never have written this story without the loving support and encouragement of my family and friends. Obsessed with plot lines and timelines I’m not always easy to live with, but luckily they are a persistent crop of people who never give up on me.

First, I’d like to thank my husband Piet for being my sounding board throughout the writing process and not caring when dinner turned up late, burned or missing in action. He finessed conversations about drones in the middle of breakfast and helped me figure out tricky escape maneuvers during dinner. His patience, not to mention his brilliance, helped me work out the knots in my story. And then there’s his steady love… Honey, you are my rock. Thank you for being you.

My two daughters, Hannah Myles and Jasmin McKenzie, went and grew up on me and now have beautiful families of their own. But the love that bind us is strong and I thank them for listening to my many writing “owies” and cheering me on. Ladies, you rock.

My friends make my world a comfortable place to play in. Special thanks go to Marisa Radcliffe for her work as my kick-ass beta-reader.

I am also grateful for what I call my publishing team. Dr. Philip Newey, my copy-editor, fixes my grammar and helps me polish my final copy. Nina French, my cover designer extraordinaire, knocked it out of the park again with the bare-naked-man design. Thank you both for sharing your talent.

And last, but never least, I’d like to thank my writing buddies (you know who you are) who inspire me. A very special thank you goes to New York Times and USA Today best- selling author, Mimi Barbour, for reading an early version of the novella and giving me an endorsement. She is an amazing mentor and friend to many authors. I maintain she’s part angel.

It takes a legion of caring and creative people to write a story. I am so very grateful for my legion.

With love



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