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Updating a Manuscript #amwriting


Cover-Jo-AnnCarson-CoverDanger-covert14One of the truly wonderful things about the digital publishing world is that you can easily update manuscripts. Today I’m working on my first book, Covert Danger. I’ve rewritten my front and back material and added an excerpt from Ancient Danger. These are “touch-ups” I couldn’t do when I first released it in April.

I’m heading over to my friend Mimi Barbour‘s house to learn a new formatting program this afternoon,mimi that should make the process even easier. I love learning new things, especially when they make my life easier. And Mimi who has hit the top seller list on the New York Times and USA Today  is an amazing mentor to so many of us new writers. I think she’s part angel.

Anyway that’s what I’m doing today. Here is my new acknowledgement page for Covert Danger, which now comes at the beginning instead of the end of the book. The first one just didn’t say enough.

“Covert Danger is my first published book. It took over a year to write. I couldn’t have done it without my family and friends’ support. There were many ups and downs during the journey and even a cancer diagnosis, but in the end my story came together and it was because of their love, friendship and generous spirits.
How do you thank people who throw you a life-line and help you make your biggest dream come true? Words don’t seem enough, but I will try.
I may not say it every day, but I should. I am grateful to my husband, Piet, who patiently listens to every wild idea I come up with, never doubts me and encourages me to “go for it.” You are my rock of strength, my star of vision.
I am blessed with two beautiful daughters. Thanks go to J.C. McKenzie who was my critique partner. Her wicked wit and sharp eye kept me going through my first draft. Thanks go to Hannah Myles, who was an amazing beta reader and gave me solid feedback, which strengthened the plot line.
I also have wonderful friends. (I must have done something good in my last life.) My deepest thanks go to Marisa Radcliffe, who taught me how to swear in Italian and understand men better <grin>. She’s a kick-ass beta-reader.
Then there’s my technical team. I’d like to thank Dr. Philip Newey, my copy-editor, who straightens out my grammar. And Nina French, my cover-designer extraordinaire.
I’d like also to acknowledge Eric Baetscher who granted me permission to use his photo of the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art on my cover.
And last, but never least, my heart-felt gratitude goes to my writing buddies (you know who you are) who support and inspire me every day.
All errors are my own.”

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