Covert Danger... a fast paced plot #Review- 5 stars - Jo-Ann Carson

Covert Danger… a fast paced plot #Review- 5 stars

covert14Look what I just found in Goodreads! A fantastic 5 star review for Covert Danger by Joanne Guidoccio.

“Covert Danger has all the makings of a potential blockbuster movie: drop-dead gorgeous supermodel turned CIA agent (aptly nicknamed Mata Hari), hot blond giant who captures her heart, and a fast-paced plot filled with unexpected twists and turns. Ms. Carson has crafted a book rich in mood and atmosphere and populated it with intriguing and unforgettable characters. A natural storyteller, she excels at descriptive detail and, throughout the novel, demonstrates ample evidence of her impeccable research .

A must-read for fans of romantic suspense!”


Finding this after penning 1800 words on the fifth book in the series this morning, made my heart soar.

I had to share.


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