Murder, Love & Humor, #Book Review Temporarily Employed by Vicki Batman - Jo-Ann Carson

Murder, Love & Humor, #Book Review Temporarily Employed by Vicki Batman


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Have you ever had a really, really, really bad day… and then had it turn worse?

We’ve all been there and that’s why I fell in love with Hatti Cook, the heroine of Vicki Batman’s Romantic-Suspense novel, Temporarily Employed.  I’ve hit rock bottom and lived to tell the tale, but Hatti’s story is funnier and scarier and one heck of a lot more entertaining than my own. But be warned, while the story starts out light and funny, Batman’s skilled writing turns it into a dramatic tale of love.

The story opens with a hot cop catching Hatti at her worst moment and handing her a ticket. Her internal dialogue is a hoot. Self-deprecating, laugh-out-loud comments slid through her head into mine, from the very first page to the last.

Out of a job, with no love life and stuck in a town where everyone knows her business, Hattie takes a temp-job and tries to make sense of it all. Meanwhile her bad luck keeps getting “badder.”

A murder mystery swirls around her, her best friends want all the dirty details about her love life and a hometown that she once felt comfortable in is hiding a murderer.

Vicki Batmani has a wicked sense of humor, but beneath the fun she hits strong chords about love and relationships. The story is more than a collection of the usual Romantic-Comedy, bunching-panty-hose and running mascara  lines. It becomes a deep down, gut wrenching question of self-awareness and the trust required to make love work.

If you like humor with your Romantic-Suspense, you’ll love Vicki Batman’s Temporarily Employed.

My favorite lines: “Nice day?” I gritted my teeth. “I’d kill for a really nice day.”

I’m posting my review with 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads.

Sept. 20/2015


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  1. Great review, Jo-Ann. You do know how to put words together! And as I said on my FB post about this, I’m now off to buy the book. I really didn’t know you had murder in your book, Vicki. So glad to find that out.

  2. Hi, Marsha! Oh yes, plenty of murder. LOL. I just make it funnier. Thank you, Jo-Ann. I turned in Temporarily Insane five minutes ago. Now, for the big-time edits. Sigh!

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