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6 Days Left and Going Craz… ier

lovin' danger large6 days to Launch

Can crazy get crazier?

I’m reminded of the annoying song twelve-years sing on long bus rides, “I am slowly going crazy. 1…2…3…4…5…6 Switch. Slowly going crazy am I. 6…5…4…3..2…1 Switch.” I can smell their bubble gum, surging hormones and pre-teenage angst.

Great! Now my craziness has adopted a theme song and a smell.

Usually when I’m stressed I clean. It’s a last resort kinda thing, to do. But I haven’t taken to the Swifter yet. My desk has three inches of clutter on it and continues to grow paper, stickies and coffee mugs at an alarming rate. I fuss-about with my blogs and drink way too much caffeine, which I rationalize is healthier for me than wine. And it keeps me more awake at three in the morning when I’m in full fret-mode.

I notice my dh is steering a wider path around me than usual. Could I be on the edgy side?

And I’m wondering… always wondering: Could I be doing more?

The advice most Indie Gurus give newbies is:

  1. the best promo is to write the next book,
  2. be patient, and
  3. remember it’s a marathon and not a race.

Easier said than done.

I shelved the idea of a live podcast btw. Thank you Pat and Judy for your sage advice. Six days is not enough time plan it properly. But I do like the idea. Hopefully I’ll have figured out the details of Google+ hangouts by the spring when I launch my next full length book.

So why? Why am I boring you with this ramble? To let you share with me the experience of launching a book in the new Independent Publishing world of course. Fun, eh?

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0 Replies to “6 Days Left and Going Craz… ier”

  1. I remember that song, Jo-Ann! I think a friend sang it to me just once, and it’s been stick in a corner of my mind ever since. I even still hum it to myself sometimes when I feel like I’m going a little (or a lot) crazy 🙂

  2. It’s a good thing you don’t write anything hockey related or you’d be smelling their hockey bags by now. And it may be a marathon but you have to do something to prep your baby for it’s first days out in the world. Otherwise it would be like sending your child to school on the first day with torn jeans and a scratched up lunch bucket.

    1. You crack me up. I could immediately smell a pubescent boy’s gym bag. Ewwww. Too funny. And I love how you compare the launch to a child going to school. Thanks for stopping by and adding your well crafted words.
      My best

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