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I Got the Pre-Launch Day Crazies

lovin' danger largeEight days to launch!!!

Lovin’ Danger, which is available for preorderwill be available on Sept. 1st.

Am I ready?

My ebook file is at Amazon. A proof of my print copy is in the mail to me. I’m excited but also worried.

Am I doing enough?

I will have a launch post on this blog and on my Sisters of Suspense blog on “the day”, followed by a huge launch blast through Book Partners in Crime the following day that will rumble through social media.

But is that enough?

I wish I would stop asking myself that question.

My new, crazy idea…

I would like to try a live podcast interview with an audience, streamed through Google+ hangouts and recorded by You Tube. It looks fairly simple (yeah right) and it’s free (yay) Would people be interested? I won’t know unless I try it.


So, I thought I’d float the idea here. If you are interested in commenting below that would be great. If you are interested in being invited to the interview, in which you can participate, please send me your email address (connect@jo-anncarson.com) subject line “interview”.

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  1. It would be interesting, but you’re picking a weekend where people tend to have a lot going on from a last hurrah weekend, escape to doing every last bit of back to school, work, life shopping.

  2. Count me in. You are like the Everready Bunny with your endless social media ideas. A real trailblazer. (Picture: the Everready bunny swinging his drumsticks right and left as he blazes a trail.That’s what you get when you mix metaphors.)

    1. Hi Emma
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m trying to learn more about the hangouts thing. I think once I get a few things straight it will be easy. Keeping on top of SM is like trying to ride a popcorn popping. But I enjoy learning about it. I hope you’re having a wonderful summer in Ireland. It’s been hot and dry here and we have lots of forest fires. Still, I’ve had fun visiting with friends and family.
      all the best

  3. I’m cheering you on from afar. My family are coming and going this week. But I’m sure your launch will be successful. How can it be anything else when you’ve put so much into it?

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