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My Weekend Writing Dates

IMG_20150717_101952Friday at the harbor.

The strong wind kept the air cool, while the sun beat down on the dock. I sat in the shade and savored the moment.



Saturday at Starbucks

As I sketched out a pivotal scene, I listened to conversations buzz around me. A Korean woman who had a German tour guide for Canada in her hands asked two local men where she should go sight seeing. They gave her several excellent trip suggestions, which she wrote down, but when she got stuck on how to spell Sechelt, I had to give my two cents worth. She offered me a chair to join the group, but I declined wanting to finish my scene.

A chance meeting among strangers, warm and enchanting in its own way.


Why the dates?

I’m scribbling ideas for the characters, setting and pivotal plot twists for my next book, Till Danger do us Part. It’s cooking:)

The weather outside is gorgeous and it feels right to take my muse wandering.

How about you? Do your writing habits change in the summer?

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  1. I try to write on my patio in the mornings before the sun gets too warm. I love watching the bumblebees visit each flower in turn on my hanging baskets and my ‘Lily of the Nile’. It’s a huge
    potted plant and looks as exotic as its name suggests – lavender blue clusters of miniature lilies on long stalks. The bees can’t believe their luck. They climb out of one trumpet and find there’s so many more to go. The only trouble is that I end up dead heading instead of writing. It works best if I keep myself to a time frame.

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