My Morning Walks (July) - Jo-Ann Carson

My Morning Walks (July)

I uploaded a picture to Facebook from my morning walk yesterday and it’s been really popular, so I thought I’d share a few more on my blog. The one directly below is the one that went up on FB.

IMG_20150715_065959I went an hour later today, so it was sunnier. Here’s two more pictures:



It’s so pretty out there in the morning I have to grab a few pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

Wishing you all sunny mornings, friendship, love and fun.


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    1. Hi Emma
      And I envy you living in Ireland close to so many fascinating destinations.
      But yeah, my landscape pulls me out of my house. This morning it was windy and sunny and it seemed everyone had emerged from their cocoons.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and chatting.
      my best

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