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Upgrading my #WordPress Blog Side Bar




Being in the Romancing the URL contest (info below) made me stop and taker a closer look at “my stuff”.

I’ve been unhappy with my sidebar on this blog for forever, and I finally fixed my problems this week. I wanted:

  1. my website and newsletter to stand out and have hyperlinks
  2. my books to have buy links.

Ta… da… it’s done. I thought I’d share my process, in case it can help you .

To fix the first problem:

1. create a new post (which I called, “Experimenting”)

2. insert the image of a website button

3. link it to your website

4. switch the post to the “text” version and copy the HTML code for the image

5. paste the code into a text widget and upload on the side bar.

6. follow the same procedure for a newsletter button

To fix the the second problem:

1. use the experimenting post

2. insert the image of the cover of a book

3. link it to the website page for that book, which has all the blurb and buy links on it

4. toggle to the “text” version ย of the post and copy the HTML code for the image

5. paste the code into a text widget and upload it on the side bar.

6. follow the same procedure for each book

What do you think?


BTW – I am in a website competition

I entered the West Houston RWA Chapter’s, Romancing the URL contest, because I wanted feedback from the pros on my Web Site. The pros have already voted and now they’ve opened the contest to the public to vote for their favorite sites.

You can find me under Romantic Suspense. You can vote once a day until June 28th (next Sunday). I’d love your vote, if you’re so inclined. Here is the link. Finalists will be notified on July 1st.

Romancing the URL Contest

I am also in a cover contest. See last post.

I’m sitting here in my van outside a restaurant that has wifi. Cramped muscles and growing cranky. I think its time to leave this small island and return to the comforts of my bigger one. Hope you are enjoying summer.



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      1. Awesome! When you say a new post, is that on the existing blog?
        Insert a picture of a website button-where to get the picture and whre to insert it
        Link it to your website-how do I link it? (I’m sorry, but I seem to be dense where wordpress is concerned- like I said, need detailed instruction! I appreciate your taking time to help! I’ve been floundering around forever trying to figure this stuff out)
        What are widgets and were do I get them? See, need detailed instructions. I think I can figure out the switch to text version and copy the HTML part.

        I want to add the newsletter button, this would be awesome if you can offer instruction. I really, really appreciate your help!

        Thankyou JoAnn.

        1. Hi MJ
          I’ll try.
          Here goes.
          1. Yes use your existing blog.
          2. A “post” is what you put up. It’s a post of your news. Look at your icons and hover over the push pin. That should bring up your post menu. Choose “Add New”
          3. Now you have the screen for creating a new post.
          4. Give it a title, or don’t. It doesn’t matter.
          5. Put your cursor on the body of the text and left click once. Then go to the menu bar above and click on “Add Media”.
          6. Now if you already have a button click on it and bring it into your post. If you don’t, you need to go find one and “upload” it.
          7. Now you have the image on your post.
          8. On the top of the post page there are two tabs, visual and text. Hit “text” and your post turns into HTML. Copy the text.
          9.Now go to the icon menu on your left and hover over the paintbrush. Choose widgets.
          10. In the widget section choose text.
          11. Put the HTML code into that text box and put it up on the sidebar.
          12. Hope this helps.

  1. Well, Jo-Ann. I was already happy with your side bar. I thought you were so smart to include reviews right there where no one had to search. Adding the buy links on the front page would be good, but you have to click on the book covers with no hint of finding a buy button there. (Remember, I’m a low speed techie! LOL)
    I also got lost in the directions which you are so kind to include! I got lost between steps 3 and 4. LOL
    Now, you know I love your website and blog and will continue voting for it (as well as a couple others.) I guess I’m not sure you needed to change anything. Marsha (who is generally afraid of all change!) Will go click on those new links right now.

    1. Hi Marsha
      You gave me a good belly laugh. Thanks for your honest opinion. I think I will re-add a review. As to the links embedded in covers… I’m not sure what I can do there, but I’ll think about it.
      I’m so excited to hear your latest is going to a print copy. That’s awesome.
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and chat.
      Best Wishes

        1. If your blog is WordPress it will work on it. Then Bemis can upload it to your website. I gave a more detailed list of instructions to mj in the comment section. Hope it works for you.
          That being said, I like your blog the way it is. I guess we do get used to things as they are. I think you said something like that first.
          Best Wishes always,

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