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Creating Book #Memes

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What is a meme?

A meme is a picture with some words on it, created to intrigue the audience so much they want to share it. It shakes, it stirs, it may even make you laugh. Most importantly it makes you remember. “In his book The Selfish Gene (1976), the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins used the term meme to describe a unit of human cultural transmission analogous to the gene, arguing that replication also happens in culture, albeit in a different sense.” (Wikipedia)

Do Memes = Mini Ads and are they effective?

Or are we so inundated with so many images on Social Media, that no one really notices? I’m not sure. But creating memes is fun. Time will tell.

Ancient Danger

How do you Create a Meme?

You need a graphic image and some words. I used Canva, because they make the process easy, but there are a million ways to put your “stuff” together. The images for each of these three memes cost me a buck, which is a looney and some change Canadian.  The sayings on the top two are “take-offs” from Mae West quotes that I like. The phrase in the last one is out of my head. Many writers use direct quotes from their stories.

A book can take you places

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A Note About Next Week

I’ll be doing a blog tour for Ancient Danger (Mata Hari #3) with Book Partners in Crime Promotions next week. I’ll list the stops and the content of the blog posts each day. At the same time, my book will be free on Amazon (i.e., June 1-5). This should be fun.

Ancient Danger Sale Card

 What do you think?

Do you like memes? Do you think they work for writers? Love to hear from you.



0 Replies to “Creating Book #Memes”

    1. Hi
      Me too. I just heard the name “meme” for them yesterday and started investigating. They really are fun and easy to make.
      Thanks for stopping by and saying nice things.
      Have a super spring day

  1. I think they work – and yours are particularly good. When I scroll through FB and Twitter, the images catch my eye. And of course there’s pinterest. I love the image with the red lace, it’s perfect for that quote

  2. Good job on the memes. The picture takes you somewhere and the words take you farther — then back to the picture… I find these things, when done well, circle round and round in my head the way neither the words nor the image alone would. Thank for sharing.

    1. Hi Judy
      I’m falling love with memes. I think you’ve got it. They take you in and out of the concept. They can be powerful and entertaining.
      What fun.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I love memes and it has been proven that images make a better impression than just words in social media. I also love making them! It’s just finding the time… 😉 Good luck with your blog tour next week. I’ll try to retweet when I see it. 🙂

      1. Thanks!
        “Where the Heck Do I Start?” – An introduction to self-publishing, is my online workshop being offered by OIRWA for the month of June. …. I’ll include a link to this blog in the lesson on self-promotion.

        1. Hi Kathryn Jane
          I love the name of your course and who better to teach it. I am honored that you will add my blog link to your lesson. I hope the students know how lucky they are.
          Enjoy the sunshine

    1. Hi
      I’m glad I’m not alone. I think meme creating could be addictive. I’m trying to edit my WIP, but I find my mind keeps getting stuck on images and phrases. Hopefully this initial crush will wear off a bit.
      Thanks so much for sharing. I wonder how you make yours?
      Best Wishes

      1. I used Photoshop 7 on my XP, but since I upgraded to Windows 8.1, I had to buy a new software, Photoshop Elements. Haven’t made a meme with the new software yet, but hopefully it won’t be too difficult. 🙂

  4. I always learn something from your blogs, Jo-Ann! I’ve never heard of memes (which isn’t saying much!). I love yours–very creative and evocative.

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