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News From my Writing Loft

What Happened After Last Week’s High?

covert14To bring everyone up to speed. Last week I put my debut novel, Covert Danger, up for free. What a rush. You can read about my experience here (i.e., Going Free on Amazon).

I got the 1800 download-crazies.

New Reviews!!!

The day after the sale ended, two wonderful readers, who I will love forever, posted 5 star reviews on Amazon. Again, I found myself gasping for air. I quote:

on May 15, 2015
Great book with lots of suspense and intrigue. You will love the characters, they are strong and yet sincere and determined.
on May 15, 2015
love it” (from
All writers, but especially new ones, live for good reviews that tell the world to, “Come on over and have a look.” I know as a reader I don’t always want to spend the time to write a review, even if I’ve enjoyed the book. I get that. Life is busy.
That means that every review that does get posted represents a whole bunch of people who felt the same way, but had the kettle boiling, a baby with a dirty diaper or their boss staring down her nose at them… or some other life pressing issue that prevented them from writing one. So two new reviews is a really big deal to me.
Thank you Lynn and Barbara and my other fourteen reviewers.  Your words are golden to me.
A Wild and Mysterious Blog Reader
On Monday I posted a Mistake story and had an unusual experience. One reader looked through all my posts. And I do mean all. Years of the stuff. My stats went through the roof, but I could tell it was just one reader looking through the archives. Interesting. Were they one of my mysterious downloaders? Who knows. They left no comment behind, no explanation, no trace. I do know they live in the U.S.
I should feel honored by their interest, but it feels a bit like they went through my underwear drawer. The anonymity of SM communication gets to me at times.
My New Schedule
This is the first week I’ve tried my new blogging schedule (i.e., Monday Mistake, Wednesday Research Trivia and Friday from my Writer’s Loft… and I threw in a reblogged review post on Thursday because it happened). It takes time to write all these posts, but I find I’m really warmed up when I get back to my WIP (work in progress). My stats have been good. Time will tell if there is sufficient interest in these topics and whether it will flow over to my books.
Nina French, the cover artist's, coffee table

Nina French, the cover artist’s, coffee table. Photo by Nina.

Cover Reveal coming soon…

Nina French has created another stunning cover for the Mata Hari Series. This one is for the fourth title, Lovin’ Danger, a novella. I’ll do a cover reveal in my June Newsletter and set up a pre-order button on Amazon shortly after that.

Newsletter Link:

I Stumbled on Gold!

Or at least that’s what it feels like. I’m always looking for new information about writing craft, publishing and marketing. Author J.C. McKenzie sent me a link to an awesome website by Kas Thomas called Author Zone

My two favorite posts of his are:

150 places to promote your books

115 Great Resources

Happy reading.


Have a great weekend.

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