Mata Hari Series Book Trailer #1 - Jo-Ann Carson

Mata Hari Series Book Trailer #1


Notes from my DIY journey:

The most difficult part:

For me, it was choosing the music. It took me hours,  days.

There’s so much good music out there! After I listened to a couple tunes, I got lost in the melodies and tempos. Talk about an emotional, sensory overload! It’s like going into the perfume department in The Bay. I can’t tell one scent from another after about fifteen seconds.

Some music clips I found were too harsh, others too light; some distracting, others not suspenseful … And… I got carried away with the joy of listening.

The funniest part:

I laughed really hard when I saw the thumbnail YouTube chose. I didn’t get to choose it. I thought it would be the first frame, so I chose that one carefully. LOL Clearly You Tube likes, as do most romance readers, bare chested men.

How to?

I used Power Point because I’m familiar with it. (Thank you Jacqui Nelson for that tip.) I looked at different sources for pictures and went with Shutterstock, because I had several of their images already and I’m used to working with them. I listened to music everywhere at every price and went with Premium Beat. It had great tunes at a fair price.


The next one will go faster. Maybe. I’ve worked on this one for a week, between working on my wip and having a life. Once the trailer started taking shape it infiltrated my mind like a wicked virus that refused to be ignored. It became hard to get anything else done.


About $100. USD. I know I could have done it cheaper, but I’m happy with my choices and my product.

Would I do it again?

You betcha. When I have the next two books finished I’ll do a second trailer for the series. Creating trailers is a great closure project.

Now I’m off to promote it:)

What do you think? I’d love your feedback.

0 Replies to “Mata Hari Series Book Trailer #1”

  1. I love your trailer, Jo-Ann! And I think the music is perfect; reminded me a bit of the Pink Panther
    beat. The bare chested Sebastian is a hoot although my imagination had created someone more, hmm sophisticated ? Must also tell you that Goodreads sent me a message telling me that you
    liked my book review – but I have yet to write it. But I will. I will. I’m doing my last assignment for ‘the
    course’ today.

    1. Hi Daniela
      Thanks for your wonderful comments.
      In my mind Sebastian gets more sophisticated when he puts his clothes on. LOL. But I know what you mean. I hate presenting images of my characters, because I don’t want to mess with the images reader’s have created in their own mind. It’s a tricky line.
      Thanks again for all your support. You are an awesome writing buddy.
      Best Wishes

  2. Hey! It looks professional and the music – well – I see what you mean. It was worth the effort you made to get the right sound. Loved it!!

  3. I love it Jo-Ann! Love the music and you’ve really got the pictures in sync with the beat. Interesting you say it gives you closure. I’ve heard people say they do it first to get the feel of the book. To each her own. Good job.

    1. Hi Judy
      I can see a plotter liking to do it first, but I’m more of a pantser, as you know. It was fun, though, and I survived. Thanks for stopping by and giving me encouraging words.

  4. Hey, Jo-Ann. Saw this earlier today, but had one of the grands around and was afraid to play the video. 🙂 I love the music top, think it’s perfect. Not so fond of the Sebastian actor, but agree with everyone with clothes he’d be better. That being said, it’s a great video and you should pat yourself on the back for this one! So impressed with all your technology skills! I tweeted and FBed earlier.

    1. Hi Marsha
      Thanks Marsha. I’m glad you liked it. My Power Point skills from teaching came in handy. Who knew?
      Btw I think it’s just you Daniela that want to cover up Sebastian so far. LOL. That’s okay with me. I get it and I appreciate your honest feedback.
      Thanks also for the promo.

    1. Hi Joanne
      Thanks. I’m so glad you liked it.
      And thanks for sharing. There are so many of us out there, it’s hard not to get lost.
      Thank goodness for friends.

  5. Hi Jo-Ann, Great trailer. I think you nailed it in terms of the timing. Some i’ve seen move too fast and you don’t really get a good sense of what the books are about. Looks great,

  6. Wow, Jo-Ann, I am impressed! I watched the trailer before reading your blog and wondered what company you went with, but you did it yourself!! It’s amazing. Well done you!

  7. I think you did a super job, Jo-Ann. I just complete my first trailer, and there are a couple of things I’d change, but I’ve learned for the next one. Congrats.

    1. Hi Polly
      Thank you. I know what you mean. After you finish you smack your forehead and say, “I should’ve…”
      My “should have’ is that I should have faded out the music. It sounds like an abrupt end. But I still love it.
      Hope you love yours.
      I’m sure our work will continue to improve.
      It’s so nice of you to stop by and share.
      Best Wishes

  8. Great trailer, Jo-Ann! The music is perfect. I love the small touches as well like the background that has (at least to my eye) sun or light beams in the grey tones. Looks very atmospheric. Sucked me right in.

    1. Thanks Jacqui
      I really appreciate you stopping by and taking a look. That you like it, makes my day.
      Thanks also for the information you sent me on how to change the thumbnail frame. I’m having so much success with Sebastian out there, that I’m now reluctant to change it. Am I using him. Well… maybe. I think I’ll change it every few weeks.
      Best Wishes

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