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To Market… to market…

#Covert Danger

I created this for FB on Canva ( I paid $1.00 for the background picture and that was it.

On this blog I’ve written about craft books on writing, writing conferences, Scrivener and Indie publishing. I released my debut series two weeks ago. So now what?

Would my marketing experiences interest you?  I’m keeping a record of the promotion opportunities I try, noting the requirements and the cost. I’m also rating the success of each. At some point I’ll compile the information in a neat chart and share it. For now, I’ll just talk.

This week I arranged to have Covert Danger featured on Ebook Soda (April 21st) and on eReader Cafe as a Book of the Day  (on June 8th). The Indie loop writers give both venues mixed reviews. I also created the FB post above. That was easy, cheap and fun.

There are three things the experts agree on:

1. There is no one road to success in the publishing industry. You have to try different things and see what works.

2. The best thing you can do, if you are a new writer, is write the next book.

3. You need to be patient.

One and two are easy. Three… not so much.

How about you? Do you have favorite ways to promote your books? Are you interested in blog posts about me trying different venues? I’d love to hear your opinion.


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  1. Hi Jo-Ann, I appreciate hearing about your efforts, in publishing and in marketing. Thanks for sharing them! I’m learning a lot from your experiences, and taking notes! I’d also be interested in your thought process in writing the stories, how you came up with certain characters or decided on certain settings. Jane

    1. Hi Jane
      You don’t know how wonderful it is for a blogger to hear that someone is enjoying their posts. And taking notes!!! Thanks you for letting me know. Maybe I’ll do one day a week on writing and one day a week on the publishing. You’ve got me thinking.
      Again, Thank you.
      Best Wishes

  2. Yes, I’m definitely interested in your blog posts about trying different venues. I’m impressed with your self-designed Canva Facebook post!

  3. I’ve already told you about my “What would Jo-Ann do?” page of notes. Always valuable information. I love this Canva. There is another I’ve heard about recently – PicMonkey. This is from Tyler Moiore’s excellent video on making a wordpress site. He gets free hi-res images at and moves them into picmonkey to resize and add text etc. So many resources available these days!.
    Thanks for sharing all your information so freely.

    1. Hi Judy
      I’m going to check out that list next time I visit. Oh my, that’s flattering. I do hope it’s helpful.
      PicMonkey sounds interesting. I changed the banner on my blog after talking with you. You were right it was easy.
      My question is: If everything is getting easier, why are we working so hard?
      It’s been nice chatting. I need to get back to my story.
      Best Always

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