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4 Questions for Sadie Stewart the Modern Mata Hari

  1. Why did you become a spy?

I love living on the edge. I never know what’s going to happen next. I tell people I do it because I’m making a difference in a seriously messed-up world, and I believe that, but the adrenalin rush is what keeps me going.

  1. Does your code name Mata Hari fit?

I love sex, everything about sex… But Mata Hari’s reputation as a femme fatale is hard to live up to. Sensual, sexual… mesmerizing.  Being compared to a legend is tough.

But…  men say I nail it.<she shrugs>

  1. Do you believe in the supernatural power of ancient Egyptian amulets?

Heck no. I value relics for their beauty and history. They belong in a museum where everyone can appreciate them. I don’t believe in magic. But I have to admit I’ve seen some pretty weird things happen around them.

  1. What attracts you to Sebastian Wilde?

Oh my! Where do I start? He’s six feet five inches of man. He looks like a Viking Warrior, with long sun-kissed blond hair and blue eyes the color of the sky at dawn. He smells rugged and when he kisses me my whole world tilts. That’s what first attracted me to him.  Then I got to know him and truly lost my heart. There is no other man like Sebastian. There is no other man for me.

Sadie Stewart is the heroine of the Mata Hari sexy suspense series.  Books 1 and 3, which feature her, are available on Amazon (Covert Danger, Ancient Danger).

Do you have any questions for the modern Mata Hari?

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