What was my launch week like? - Jo-Ann Carson

What was my launch week like?

A Pandora Gondola to commemorate my launch from PJ.


Let’s just say my gondola hit a rogue wave… or two.



But nothing a bit of ice cream therapy couldn’t smooth out.

I’d like to say more, but I’m out of words.


Here are some numbers, which I think are pretty wonderful for a new writer.

I was featured on 61 blogs (thanks to Book Partners in Crime Promotions)

I have 8 fantastic reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (some from reviewers who had received ARCs and others from regular readers)

784 readers entered my Goodreads Giveaway and 449 of them put Covert Danger on their tbr file.

My newsletter subscription list doubled and I gained over 30 likes on my author FB page.

I sold some books and would really like to sell some more. Please tell your friends.

Goodreads List – Best of April 2015

I’m number one at the moment. Here is the link if you’d like to vote.

What now?

Currently, that is when I get my words back, I’m writing my April newsletter, and polishing off the print version of Ancient Danger. I’ll start a new Goodreads Giveaway as soon as it’s launched.

Oh, and yeah, I’m writing #4 – a novella- Eternal Danger.

Happy Times

I hope you’re all enjoying a sunny spring.

0 Replies to “What was my launch week like?”

    1. Hi Anna
      I don’t think we can do this without an extra large funny bone. Well… maybe a touch of insanity would do.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.
      Best always

  1. Frankly, I thought you were nuts to have so many blog stops in a week, but apparently it worked. I know I wasn’t able to stop by all the places to say hi! I love the Pandora gondola charm. That was very thoughtful of PJ! It’s hard to find time to stop and smell the roses once you’re a pubbed author, Jo-Ann. There’s always the next mountain to climb. But what fun along the way! Congrats my friend on publishing your book and what a good book it is! So enjoyed reading it. Fresh writing Margie Lawson would say! 🙂

    1. Hi Marsha
      It was a crazy week, but the new way they set up the promo blog posts makes it pretty easy for the writer. I’m looking forward to hosting you in a couple of weeks. I love your comment about fresh writing and your glowing review on Amazon.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. So nice of PJ to think of that!
    As far as selling books go, I wouldn’t worry. The other stats are really encouraging. I have heard the new model of book sales described as a slow climb, building on word of mouth and, as the number of books you have out climbs, so do the sales. This is opposed to the old model of trad publishing, big splash, one shot chance that, as we all know, isn’t even happening anymore. There is usually no “splash” for a new author, ie no money put toward promotion by the publisher.
    So sit back for a couple of days, enjoy the spring weather, have a glass of wine (or two) and celebrate this accomplishment. Then, when your energy returns, I’m sure you’ll pick up your virtual pen and start again.Because look at what you’ve already accomplished!

    1. Hi Judy
      Thank you for your lovely comment. You are right of course. “Patience” is the name of the new game. And our spring is glorious.
      Tipping my wine glass at you.
      Best Wishes

  3. Hi Jo-Ann Just wanted to thank you for allowing BPICP to help in your promotion! Great Blog posts and so happy you had a crazy but positive release week! ~Delene

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