Our Cherry Blossom Walk - Jo-Ann Carson

Our Cherry Blossom Walk


It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and the blossoms in town were magnificent.


We stopped in a greasy spoon for coffee and played with the camera on PJ’s phone.

This is a pastel palette filtered picture.

Then we went back out in the rain and looked at more trees. There is something magical about cherry blossoms.

The towns and cities on the west coast of Canada line their streets with Cherry trees and every spring they catch my breath. I have to stop, smell their delicate scent and sigh.

We counted 64 cherry trees in bloom before I was so wet we had to head home. Next weekend our adventure will continue.

Spending Sunday, with someone special, looking at cherry blossoms… wonderful. Now back to editing<g>.


all photos courtesy of PJ

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  1. Love cherry blossons, Jo-Ann. We have Bradford Pear trees that gift us with their beauty in the spring. Even this year with the bad late freeze, they are doing their best to pump up everyone’s spirits. They have a similar look.
    Love the pastel covered pic. At first, I thought this was more of your handiwork! You are so talented. Will have to experiment and see if I can find that setting. Quite cool. And Judy is right, you’ve gotta use it somewhere.

    1. Hi Marsha
      I haven’t seen a Bradford Pear in bloom, but it sounds glorious.
      I guess I’ll have to find a place to put the picture and take some more. I like how it looks like me, but doesn’t .
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. That sounds like a pretty good way to spend Sunday to me. I honestly thought the second pic wasn’t a photo and was wondering what the artist had used. As for the cherry trees – aren’t they gorgeous. Apparently there’s a cherry tree festival in BC and we’re so far ahead of our normal growing season they may be done before the festival in April. Who knew?

    1. Hi Pat
      It was a wonderful Sunday.
      I didn’t realize we have a festival for cherry trees, but they so deserve it.
      It’s been a crazy year weather wise. I keep wondering when we’re going to hit with… .
      Hope life is treating you well.

    1. Hi Jacquie
      We are blessed with great weather, unbelievable geography and good friends.
      I don’t think it’s an app. It’s just a choice he gets to make before he snaps the picture.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I adore the spring flowering trees too, especially the cherries and hope to plant one this year. We have a row of trees lining the road into Parksville beach with the palest pink, almost white blossoms. Perhaps they’re pear trees. When I lived in the interior I had a flowering almond that came out with fluffy pink pompoms along its branches. That pastel picture is a keeper. Maybe you could you use it inside the back cover of your book, in your paper copies(?)

    1. Hi Helena
      The almond tree sounds gorgeous.
      We have three cherry trees on Gabe, but they don’t flower or produce much. I’m guessing you have to be picky when you buy them as there are so many varieties. Our plums do much better.
      I like the picture too, but I’m too shy to put it on a book. It’s bad enough my name’s on it.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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