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Jo-Ann’s Law

Jo-Ann’s Law


You know Murphy’s Law:  “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Which relates to…

The Law of Entropy: Systems move towards disorganization, chaos… randomness. Not a pretty sight.

Let me tell you about Jo-Ann’s law. It’s a caveat to the others:

“The nastiest obstacles lurk in the shadow of the finish line.”

You know the feeling. You’re almost there. Your goal is in sight. You can see the end, your book in your hand. You can hear the end, the wine cork popping. You can smell the end, dark chocolate on fresh strawberries. Your dreams become dreamier, because you think you are getting closer.

And then there’s a glitch. You fix it and there’s another… Then another… That’s how my week’s been.

I’ve been playing Wackamo with formatting a file for Create Space. So close.  So close… Yet so far.

After I complained loudly to my husband, PJ,  he told me that it’s always like that with programming, which he has done for years. So I realized I’m not alone and decided to make a Law of my experience.

I repeat: “The nastiest obstacles lurk in the shadow of the finish line.” I think it’s a bit wordy, but I’ll work on that.

How about you. Do you have any favorite laws? Or have you made any new ones?

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0 Replies to “Jo-Ann’s Law”

  1. From the horribly tangled webhost/nameservers tangle I’ve been working on lately I have realized that these things seem so important when you are right in the middle of them and it’s hard to get perspective. So – step away from the computer. Go for a walk. Take a deep breath and smile. There are still 34 days! You can do it.

  2. Well, I love, Judy’s comment, Jo-Ann. And I can so identify with you, but you are so much more organized than I that it scares me about my own situation! I put March 16th on my calendar as release day for my 3rd book, but I can’t decide whether to go with that. How long is it really going to take me to upload or whatever the phrase is to all those places–I’m pretty certain I can handle CreateSpace because I did that with the print of my first book. But all the others? Aggghh! Your cartoon captures the feeling perfectly!
    But we will keep on, keeping on and we will persevere! I’ll share. Others will identify, too. 🙂

    1. Hi Marsha
      Thanks for listening. I did need to rant.
      It sounds to me like you’re third book is coming along nicely, and I so envy you having someone else format it.
      I think we’ll both be happy dancing soon.
      I have lots of questions about selling books in person at conferences. Have you ever written about that? Or should I email you. You are such an inspiration.
      Best wishes, always

        1. Thanks Marsha
          No hurry but I’d love to hear. I’m thinking of buying one of those square things to use for charge cards. Good idea? And do you send boxes of books to the hotel?

  3. LOL! Trust you to come up with a new law. I think PJ’s right but most of us just bang out heads against the wall and decide that’s why we don’t like computers, math… I’m not really sure if it helps to have a law now, but at least we’ll know it’s not just us.

  4. I’m with Judy on this one, i.e. step away from the computer…nothing frazzles me more or gets me more angry, than a computer. The last time it happened I decided to make jam. Yes. Virtually in the middle of the winter, using frozen berries I made blueberry/blackberry jam and my computer problems fell into perspective. I no longer saw the world through a furious haze and the product
    was, well sweet… I know you’ll overcome these last obstacles and sail through to your finish line.

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