Indie Rambles #14 - Learning About E-book Sellers - Jo-Ann Carson

Indie Rambles #14 – Learning About E-book Sellers

Nick Stephenson (Twitter)

Nick Stephenson (Twitter)

I’m studying a series of three, free videos by Nick Stephenson called Your First 10,000 Readers. A successful, mystery, indie writer, he shares what he knows about marketing digital books (and grows his email list in the process).

I discovered Nick Stephenson on the Sisters in Crime Loop (i.e., SINC Guppies). One of the writers, after reading my last blog post about keywords suggested I check out his videos. What a find!

First Video – How Readers Find Books

This video is an easy-to-follow, informative introduction to the marketplace.

Stephenson reviews the major selling platforms for ebooks: Amazon, Nook, Kobo and ITunes drawing attention to how the books are organized in each and how the search engines work.

His point: you need to understand the “eco-systems” of each e-retailer.

Besides a basic understanding of ecosystems, my two biggest take-aways were:

  1. Amazon is not a bookstore. It is a search engine. I’ll never think about it the same way again.
  2. His number one tip: Focus on growing your e-mail list. (Yeah, I know, we keep hearing this everywhere)

I highly recommend the first video (9 out of 10). I’ll let you know about the rest when I watch them.


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0 Replies to “Indie Rambles #14 – Learning About E-book Sellers”

  1. There’s so much to learn! Thank goodness writers are so generous in sharing what they know. I am reading Kristan Lamb’s book The Rise of the Machines and she has almost convinced me it is in my best interest to go indie.

    1. Hi Judy
      I haven’t read Kristan’s book, but I follow her blog. She has great ideas.
      I agree there is so much to learn, and it seems every day there’s more. I’m thankful people are willing to share their experience.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Did you buy these videos, Jo-Ann? I think I’ll have my first self-pubbed out in March. There’s just so much to do! I so don’t get the various venues. I know that. Boy, I wish this were a simpler business! LOL I shared.

    1. Hi Marsha
      March! That’s fantastic. I can’t wait to see how it goes. I’m busy formatting right now with Jutoh. There is so much to learn, but I figure it keeps the old synapses snapping.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      The videos are free.

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