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Wishing you Success in 2015

A card from my writing group.

A card from my writing group.

I sincerely wish you success in every part of your life in the coming year. Beyond your wildest dreams.

But what is success? I wonder.

I used to think we all had the same idea about success (mine of course) but I was wrong.

Success means different things to different people. For some it’s all about money, for others prestige; for some secure relationships and for others simply surviving each day. Consider for example what success means to a refuge in a war torn area of the world with no food for her starving children compared to a Harvard graduate looking for her first job. You know what I mean.

We all want, but we want different things.

What am I rambling about now?

Sorry. It’s the New Years thing, mixed with my post-cancer survivor guilt, mixed with writer angst. I’m asking myself, “What exactly do I want?” Should I want?  I’m not sure of the answer.

World peace… yada…yada… Of course, but for me, little old me -What?

Maybe the drugs are still addling my brain, but success as I last thought about it (i.e., having truck loads of readers) isn’t as important to me now. Yet I stumble on, as if it is. Maybe when I catch my breath it will be. Maybe not.

So I leave you with an Albert quote that I like:

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” 

― Albert Einstein


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  1. Well, sweetie, you’ve already accomplished Albert’s goal. You are a person of value–great value!
    I get the guilt thing. Compared to so many in want, who are we to want anything for ourselves. Especially something silly like finding lots of readers for our books.
    Let me remind you of a story I heard at RWA in Orlando when I’d been writing for a while and felt such doubt about the “value” of my time, effort, and money to pursue this writing thing.
    The luncheon speaker was a world famous author. (I’m sorry I don’t remember her name. I don’t read her genre.) She lives in Texas. (Forgive me famous author for not remembering your name, but I remember your story.)
    There were floods in south Texas. Her family and her parents family were flooded out of their homes. They were holed up in a motel. She and her mother went to Walmart to get tooth paste, panties, you know the essentials. They both took a buggy and met up in the check out line. They each had picked up romance novels to read.
    She said she realized in that moment for all those who poke fun a writers (especial romance ones), that the writers and their books provided a service. They gave hope in a world of hurt.
    I went back to reading romances and specifically romantic suspense when my mother was ill. I hadn’t read fiction in over 20 years. They provided the escape I desperately needed.
    You have your blue moment, Jo-Ann. You deserve it with all you’ve been through, but don’t remain there. You have an important service to provide and you have value. It’s 2015. Get busy writing!
    And thanks for your good wishes. 🙂

    1. Marsha
      I love your story about the woman shopping for books, and how they brought her, “…hope in a world of hurt.” A comment truly worth aspiring to.
      Thank you for your kind and motivating words.
      I never expected to have a BFF in Texas. LOL. But life has wonderful surprises around every corner.
      hugs from the foggy north

  2. I think we all ask ourselves this question at one point or another in our lives. For me, success is being satisfied with all that I have. It’s not an easy thing to do, because I believe we humans strive for more. It’s our nature to strive for more. One day, I look around and feel like I have everything a person could ever want. My house (1972 trailer) and land is paid for so we pay no mortgage payments. Sweet right? But when I go visit a friend who lives in what I consider a mansion, my trailer doesn’t seem all that sweet. Our health is good right now, but I know that can change in a second.I watched my husband battle prostrate cancer and beat it. I’ve buried a son, mother, father, mother and father in laws. For me, death is the only defeater of life. Except if you’re a published author. Then you kick death in the groins because your words live on, even after you die. There is a piece of you still here. That’s my goal is to finish a book, so my ancestors know, I existed. All the other worldly stuff goes away. But a book never does. Until then, my success is being satisfied with what I have. My dream is to be published. And as long as I’m breathing air, it can happen. I love you Jo-Ann. Now, get busy and get yourself published!

    1. Diane
      Thank you for your honest, from the heart response. I relate to you catching yourself feeling diminished by the material possessions of others. We all have those moments.
      I know your book will get finished and published. I love your blog, and the time for your stories to get out there is coming.
      I’m sorry that you’ve lost so many loved ones. That’s so hard, my friend. I’m sending you healing hugs.
      Your slant on success is wise. But that doesn’t surprise me, coming from you.
      Thank you for your caring comment and your love. You rock.

    2. Diane, love what you said about our books living on after us. If we’re lucky and have kids they do, but they’re not us (Actually, I believe gramaticaly that should be “we.” Right, Jo-Ann?) And about things? Yep it’s all relative. It appears to me the more I get, the more I want. LOL I’m very blessed in things and even more so in friends.
      You hang in there, too. You’ll get published, too. It’s all about keeping on, keeping on.

  3. Dreams change based on our circumstances and the times in which we live. Even our words don’t always live beyond us. But that doesn’t mean they have no value or that you shouldn’t chase them.

    You’ve already lived a life of value. I suspect your husband and kids would be the first to say that, followed closely by friends(and I consider myself lucky to count myself one). Look farther and I suspect you’ve had a larger impact than you know on the lives of many of your students. And your writing may have a lasting impact far beyond that. There’s a reason leaders of totalarian regimes almost always go after the writers, artists and teachers first. Because they know just how important words can be.

    If you’re too tired and need to rest, that’s OK.If you want to spend more time with those closest to you that’s all right. But when, and if, you’re ready use your talents we’ll be waiting. We’ll be waiting for stories that will entertain us and enlighten us, that will give maybe one person a different way of looking at the world, or new hope. That’s no small thing.

    1. Pat
      Thank you.
      Your words are comforting, nurturing and inspiring. I’m thankful that you are my friend.
      Here’s to us both chasing our dreams. [I’m toasting a cyber champagne glass]
      who hopes to see you at the meeting on Saturday

  4. My goodness, we are so introspective today. I blame it on the low light levels – must get out my SAD light.
    January is a time for hibernating, rebuilding, restoring, and for those of us who are product oriented, who think if we are not doing something, writing something, making something, things are not right, well I say give yourself a break. Take a deep breath, make a cup of tea and open a good book. Give yourself permission to take a breather. Your energy and drive will return with the sun. We are all there with you. So glad you are blogging again.

    1. Hi Judy
      I’m not sad. I believe that a life not examined is not worth living. That’s all.
      Enjoy your light and your books. I hope you share them on your blog.
      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Hi Jo-Ann, after much pondering I realized it’s always been about people for me. Maybe that’s why romance writing appeals, because it dwells on how we interact at the deepest level. Being actually able to portray that on the written page is another thing. But in my life it’s the people that matter. They are my first priority That’s not to say that success would not be welcome. One of my dreams is to earn enough to finance a trip to Ireland, complete with daily Celtic harp concerts, a medieval castle or two and gardens full of antique roses. But you reach out to people, in your blog, with such honesty and heart that it’s clear to me that your writing will have an equally magnetic appeal. So give yourself permission to rest up for your coming adventures.

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