Vancouver Island Romance Writers at the 2014 RWA Nationals - Jo-Ann Carson

Vancouver Island Romance Writers at the 2014 RWA Nationals

These photos were taken by various people on Mimi’s camera. Thanks for sharing Mimi.


left to right: Mimi Barbour, Jo-Ann Carson, Sheila Currie, Jodie Esch and in the back Jacqui Nelson

The Last Breakfast

The Last Breakfast

I love my writing buddies. They’re like family.

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  1. Did a lot of smiling at the conference. Was great fun and learned a lot. But I’m going to be very glad to get home after spending a few days post-conference being a tourist in San Antonio. Even though San Antonio is lovely, there’s no place like home and hanging out with all my friends there 🙂

    1. Jacqui
      So true.
      Our flight into Vancouver was amazing. It was a crystal blue day. We flew over the San Juan islands into Vancouver. Islands, ocean, and snow capped mountains in the distance. We live in heaven.
      Best wishes on your trip

    1. Hi Jodie
      It was great running into you in San Antonio. I always see you at writing events. It’s a stretch for me to see you running around after alpacas, but I bet it’s fun.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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