My Husband at the RWA 2014Nationals - Jo-Ann Carson

My Husband at the RWA 2014Nationals

Travelling with PJ is always fun. Unexpected things happen when we’re together on foreign soil. Taking him to the RWA 2014 Nationals, with more than 2000 women, is proving to be even more fun.
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Story 1 – A Sense of Purpose

Yesterday, we walked the famous San Antonio Riverwalk early in the morning.The lush scenery was spectacular, the temperature had only reached the nineties and everyone said hello.
We met two women in line for a tour boat and talked about the conference. PJ introduced himself as the guy who carries the bags. One of the women raised her brow and said, “Every woman needs one of them.”

Story 2 – Can’t leave the man alone for a minute.

The temperature steadily rose as the sun burned through the morning mist. It hit a hundred before noon and the air became so humid I felt like a swamp monster. (Heavy on the monster). I couldn’t seem to get enough air in my lungs and sweat poured off my body. I needed to get into air conditioning, or I’d be one woozy dame.
We stopped at the Rio Rio, a friendly 24 hour Mexican restaurant on the River Walk and ordered iced tea. I love the unsweetened iced tea served here (thanks Marsha for that tip). When I returned, PJ was deep in conversation with the waiter, a tall man with a big smile and red shirt. Hands waved in the air and their heads nodded with excitement. What now? Please, tell me he isn’t discussing the American immigration laws or Middle East mess. Please.
Noting the nearest exit, I slid into my chair to listen.
I couldn’t believe my ears. Here we were half a continent and a country away from home, and the two men were talking… wait….wait for it …wait… HOCKEY. You know the game they play with a stick on ice.
Glen, the waiter, is a St. Louis Blues fan and had a lot to say about the Vancouver Canuks and Wayne Gretzky. (FYI – If your asked the average Canadian who the first Prime Minister aka President of Canada was they might draw a blank, but if you asked them who Wayne Gretzky is they’d have a lot to tell you. Canadians are weird that way.)
Unbelievable. The men had a great chat. Glen comped us our order and we said we’d be back. Having learned that he’d collected a looney and a tooney (Canadian one and two dollar coins), we left him one of the new five dollar Canadian bills. His face lit up like a kid at Christmas. “I’m putting this up on my wall.”
Friendly? Texans do friendly so well, there needs to be a new word for it. Maybe – Texan friendly. We are loving it here.

More Stories

We are collecting stories by the minute. Gotta love traveling.
In a nutshell: San Antonio is an awesome place to visit and Romance Writers rock.
My favorite experience was meeting with Marsha West and her dh on the first night. It was so special, I don’t want to rush that story. I want to take time composing it (and have an internet connection that doesn’t shut me down every few minutes and run at the speed of a drunk snail.)
btw I’ve been swearing like a sailor all the way through this one. But that’s okay. It feels good to stay in contact with people. I’ll put up more stories when I can. Tomorrow, the conference begins.
Best wishes to all.

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  1. It sounds like a lot of fun. I can just see Pj there with the bags and I think hockey is the true calling card of Canadians throughout the world. I’ve been thinking of you at the Kiss of Death dinner and envying you but now I’m running through the rain(cool) and feeling blessed.

  2. Sound like so much fun.:) Thanks for posting on Clara’s blog. She is loving it. It started because she wanted to write stories for her friends and send them on the computer…thus a blog. It is completely locked down for now. Only you, Jeff and I can see or comment. It takes her 30-45 minutes to write a sentence (searching for letters, fixing the red underlined words), but she is happy doing it 🙂

  3. Glad you guys are having such a wonderful time. I’d heard Texans were kind, now I have proof, 🙂 One day I hope to go. Are you checking out the Alamo if you have time? Enjoy the Death by Chocolate event, my mouth is watering just thinking about it, lol

    1. Hi Jacquie
      Thanks for dropping by. Sorry it took me so long to respond. My Internet connection is lousy and I’ve been running around. Yes, I went to the Alamo yesterday and will post about it soon. Tonight’s my chocolate night with our KOD ladies. I’ll have some for you.
      You must be getting really busy as your launch date approaches.
      Best Wishes with all the prep

  4. Hey, Jo-Ann. Thanks for your kind words. I’m so happy we got to visit in person. I’m soooo sorry, our Texas temps are being their regular beastly selves. I seriously don’t know how people existed in the old days before AC. I can sort of remember those days in El Paso, but I think even then we had swamp coolers. They added in humidity (not something you need in SA!) and blowing air. Eat some chocolate for me tonight. If you get a chance take a picture of my book covers. Fingers crossed for a Daphney win, though the nomination is super in itself. You might be able to find in some of the T-shirt stores a hand held, battery operated small fan. Those can be life savers when you have to be outside. Best deal is to stay in the AC. Enjoy, my friend.

  5. Fun post, Jo-Ann! We’ve only been to San Antonio once, but also enjoyed our time there, and it is hot! It was great that your husband went with you to the RWA Nationals. A lot of husbands wouldn’t.
    Our sons are big Wayne Gretzky fans and had his hockey video game.
    Great, about meeting Marsha and her husband.
    Thank you for this enjoyable read.

  6. Hockey, eh? Maybe the thought of all that ice helped PJ stay cool! Didn’t you sweat loads in New York too?
    Love the blog Jo-Ann

    1. Hi Pat
      Yes, sweating and summer conferences seem to go together for me. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your kind words. I’d like to write more, but the Internet connection at my hotel goes in and out. I lost a whole post yesterday. Oh well, I’ll have lots to say when I get home.
      I hope you are having a fun summer.
      Best Wishes
      who’s about to head over for drinks with the Island ladies

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