Between Heaven and Hell by Jacqui Nelson - Jo-Ann Carson

Between Heaven and Hell by Jacqui Nelson

Between Heaven & Hell (a new novel released June 18, 2014)

On a trail full of danger, will he guide her to heaven or hell?
Hannah knows one thing the moment she enters Fort Leavenworth—she’s arrived in Hell. But inside is the means to a new life, a position as a scout on a wagon train bound for the Western Territories. All she has to do is convince the wagon master, Paden Callahan, she’s the right person for the job.
After his wife was murdered by the Comanche, Paden let his work as a Texas Ranger consume him. Now he wants nothing more than to disappear into the West. Unfortunately, the one man he can’t refuse has asked him to guide a wagon train full of tenderfoots across thousands of miles of Indian land. But Paden’s greatest challenge turns out to be Hannah, a woman his heart won’t allow him to ignore even though she was raised by an enemy he hates.

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Adella’s Enemy (a novella in the Passion’s Prize anthology)

The War Between the States ended five years ago, but she still pursues her enemy…           
Rebel spy turned government rabble rouser Adella Willows receives her mission straight from a Washington senator—play havoc with the Katy Railroad and derail its bid to win the race. The senator craves wealth. Adella craves revenge against the man responsible for her brother’s death. But her plans crumble into chaos when she enters a battle of wits with the railroad’s foreman.
An ocean separates him from his failures in Ireland, but he’s still haunted by those who died…
 Seasoned railroad foreman Cormac McGrady’s sole desire is keeping his workmen safe and employed, which means keeping the Katy ahead of its rivals. But the beautiful spy bedeviling his railroad needs protecting as well. Cormac must choose between winning the race and winning Adella’s heart, while Adella must choose whether she lives for revenge or dies for love.

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Adella’s Enemy (novella) – Amazon 
Passion’s Prize (anthology) – Amazon 
Passion’s Prize (anthology) – B&N 
Passion’s Prize (anthology) – Kobo 

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Jacqui Nelson


0 Replies to “Between Heaven and Hell by Jacqui Nelson”

  1. Thanks for sharing my book trailers, Jo-Ann! Trailers are a lot of fun to build, but also a lot of work. I never regret the time spent though after I see my little creation go live 🙂

    1. Jacqui
      You are most welcome. I love them.
      I’m half way through your new book Between Heaven and Hell and like Pat I’m loving the story. Fresh writing and oh so romantic.
      Thanks for sharing.

      1. So good to hear you are enjoying my story, Jo-Ann! I was so close to this story that after a while I was having trouble judging what was working and what wasn’t. A writer’s job is ever challenging.

  2. Love the trailer – gorgeous!!!! The music enhances the drama of the trailer – great job!!! Special thanks to Jo-Ann for hosting authors and their book trailers 🙂 Great job, ladies, and happy writing to you both!

  3. Well done, Jacqui. You’ve got great blurbs and have worked them into the trailers well. So impressed. Hard to capture story in just a few words. Great conflict in both books. Good luck to you. Hey, Jo-Anna. I’ll FB & Tweet. 🙂

  4. Hi Jaqui
    I’ve just started reading Between Heaven and Hell and really wish I didn’t have to be distracted by work. But rest assured by tonight I’ll have finished it. I love the world you’ve created here. Hannah or Blue Sky is a true original as is Paden. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Both your trailers do a great job of introducing the story and making a reader wonder what happens. Well done!

    1. Thanks, Pat! Delighted to hear that you liked my trailers and that you’re enjoying Between Heaven & Hell as well! I loved writing Hannah and Paden’s story, but it was also (more often than not) a real challenge trying to get on the page what I envisioned in my head 🙂

  5. Super trailer Jacqui! Great music and images that capture the mood of this novel. You are a talented author and Media Queen, that’s for sure. I hope your writing soars to the top!

    1. Thanks, Anna! For me, the music really brought the trailer to life. And I was so lucky that the tempo built in the perfect spots to match where I wanted to accentuate the words describing my story.

  6. Beautiful trailers, both of them, Jacqui. Love, love, love the music, too. I thoroughly enjoyed Adella’s Enemy, so I’m looking forward to reading Between Heaven and Hell!

    1. I’ve always called myself “musically challenged” because I have no musical skills. But I know when I really like a song – and the music in both trailers seemed instantly perfect for my stories. Thanks for dropping by, Ros, and for reading my books!

  7. Sorry I’m a little late to the show. I love everything about this post. The trailers are captivating, the blurbs are intriguing and the author is a wonderful person! Good luck with the release Jacqui! Can’t wait to read it 🙂

    1. Hi Judy! I kept my trailer simple (pacing, held pictures, etc) because I didn’t know how to do the more elaborate effects. Not knowing how to do something is a great way to resist the temptation to do something 🙂

  8. The drum beat really pulled me into the Old West, Jacqui. What a great job you did on both trailers. I am so impressed with your ability to spin together the music, photos and words in just the right combination. I know that I’ll enjoy reading ‘Between Heaven and Hell’.

    1. Thanks, Helena! Once I find the music for my trailer I feel like I’m halfway to completing it. And I’ve really lucked out with finding great music. Thanks for dropping by, Helena!

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