Is anyone else tired of seeing Ellen cry? - Jo-Ann Carson

Is anyone else tired of seeing Ellen cry?

For what feels like forever I’ve had animated pictures of Ellen D crying popping up on my screen. I don’t think there’s a thesaurus in the world that could find enough synonyms for the word annoying for me to explain my feelings. I won’t even show it here.
First of all. I like the woman and I don’t want to see her cry.
Second of all. Even if I didn’t like the woman I don’t want to see her cry.
and Third. My space is being invaded.
There. I feel better now. Cyber therapy.
Have you been haunted by unwanted images lately?

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    1. Hi Emma
      Of course now, after I swear at least three weeks, the picture has gone. It would pop up on my Yahoo and Facebook sites and hover in the corner of the screen. Something about her losing a Cover Girl contract. Anyway, it really bothered me and I’m glad you didn’t get stuck with it.
      Thanks for stopping by and chatting.

  1. I’ve had it in the adds on the side of my emails at my yahoo address, not here on my work emails. I’ve not clicked on it, but you are correct it’s been there a long time. I agree with you first two points.
    As to the third point, we don’t have any more private places. We gave all those over to the internet in our desire for fast, all-the-time access to everything. “They” out there, know everything about us and how to get us to do whatever they want. I find it a bit disconcerting when Amazon pops up the books I want to buy, based on what I’ve read. Or when visited a site for the second time and all my info fills in on the line when I type the first “m.” Convenient, but that means “they” know everything about me. Oh, if I weren’t careful, I could write a Big Brother type of book. But you know, I really don’t want to read that kind of stuff. Too depressing. So I’m sticking with my “happily every afters”!
    Glad you’re rant made you feel better. LOL

    1. Hi Marsha
      You are so right. We no longer have private places. It’s like we’ve sold a part of our soul to the cyber devils. But in return we have this amazing ability to connect with everyone.
      I like your heas. I think we have enough depressing stories floating around.
      Thanks for stopping by and chatting.
      Best Wishes
      who is trying to decide which sun hat to take to Texas:)

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