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10 Fun Facts About San Antonio

by Antonio de Pereda

by Antonio de Pereda

1. San Antonio is Spanish for Saint Anthony.
2. It was named after Saint Anthony of Padua, by a 1691 Spanish expedition in the area.
3. It’s the seventh biggest city (in terms of population) in the U.S.
4. Second biggest in Texas.
5. It’s known for its Spanish colonial missions, the Alamo, the River Walk, the Tower of the Americas, the Alamo Bowl, and Marriage Island.

The Alamo

6. The city is home to the four-time NBA champion San Antonio Spurs.
7. It hosts an annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, one of the largest in the country.
sa rodeo
8. There are several  US armed forces facilities located there. The industry is diverse and tourism plays an important role in the economy.
9. It boasts 300 days of sunshine/year. (My soggy bones from the coast might just dry out!)
10. It’s known as one of the safest and best walking cities in the U.S.
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