Book Trailer Wednesday - Shift Happens - Jo-Ann Carson

Book Trailer Wednesday – Shift Happens

I love trailers, so I’ve decided to feature them on Wednesdays. I twisted my daughter’s arm to go first. So here it is:

Shift Happens

Author’s Comment

It’s a homemade project of love and really helped me nail down the essence of my book. One of the sweetest moments I’ve had during this promotional whirlwind is hearing from my mother that my father has watched and re-watched my book trailer a dozen of times.

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  1. Great idea Jo-Ann. As I said before, J.C., I love the feel of this trailer. It’s something I look forward to doing myself someday, and I wonder, do you have anyway of tracking if the trailer is influencing people to buy? An amazon button beside the trailer or anything? I know these things can be hard to track, or sometimes rediculously easy.

    1. I haven’t figured out a way if tracking it. My trailer’s been available since my release date, so there’s no sales stats to compare. I guess if I’d held it back I could’ve done a before and after… I just hope it convinces more people they’ll like it 🙂

  2. Hey, JC. I rewatched the trailer, since I’d watched it on your mother’s earlier blog. (What can a mom do if not brag on her kid?! ) Great music, love the visuals. You really did a great job. Can’t believe this was your first one! I may have to do one before my next book comes out just to guest on your mom’s new Wednesday slot, but probably won’t. It’s all a lot to juggle. I’ll FB and Tweet this and help spread the word about your book. Good luck, sweetie.

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