Shift Happens - The Launch - Jo-Ann Carson

Shift Happens – The Launch

Wednesday my daughter and critique partner J.C. McKenzie launched her first book into the Kindle world. (Buy links and raffle at end.)


A large black wolf trotted into the clearing to confront me. He had a white-tipped snout, white boots and mitts and would have looked cute had he not been the most intimidating Werewolf I’d ever seen. Standing tall and solid, power rolled off of his body. His eyes bore into mine. I sniffed the air. The strong Werewolf scent of rosemary swirled around me, strong and seductive, laced with sugar. A weird fuzzy sensation spread out from my chest. Whoa.
My other form growled low, demanding release, straining against my skin. The energy of the wolves built—layers upon layers of excitement and impatience. The air pulsated with anticipation. They could sense the imminent kill.
Let me out! My other form repeated, throwing her power against my built up walls, howling in defiance.
When the energy of the Werewolves surged, I finally released her. My wolf form flowed out fast, wiping out the feline in little more than a heartbeat. Smaller, weaker and the size of a natural wolf, a Shifter in this form was no match for a Werewolf, especially a dominant one. I had time to meet the eyes of the Alpha for only an instant before the pack leapt forward. My limbs shook. It went against every instinct ingrained within me, but I rolled onto my back—submissive.

About J.C.

J.C. McKenzieThe new year has seen a lot of changes for my family. My husband changed jobs and we relocated from the temperate rainforests of the West Coast to smack dab in the middle of prairie farmland. We moved two provinces over in the middle of winter—me (a West Coaster, born and raised), my husband (from sub-tropical New Zealand) and our son (just turned two). Along with missing our friends & family, the new location provided an almost surreal weather-shock for our family.
As my stories are set in Vancouver, Canada, I worried, along with freezing my face off, that I’d lose my writing mojo. But the harsh prairie winter has already taught me a few things.
1)      It can be too cold to snow. Go figure.
2)      “It’s nice that it’s finally warmed up” can be said and heard and appreciated when it’s -20˚C outside
3)      A 360˚ panorama view of the sky without forests, mountains or skyscrapers is breathtaking
4)      Snow-blindness is a real thing
5)      It is completely acceptable to leave your car on when you run inside the store to get groceries. No car-thieves here!
6)      Moisturizer is now a necessity
7)      The ability to pull off my boots without taking off my ankle socks at the same time is a skill and one that I have yet to master
8)      Prairie people are not only a hardy lot, they’re very warm, caring and giving.
9)      I really can write anywhere!
Since I’ve relocated, I’ve finished the (very) rough draft of the third installment to the Carus Series, got knees deep (~12k words) into the fourth book and have reached the half-way mark for a paranormal short story that I will be submitting to The Wild Rose Press’ Lobster Cove series.
Sometimes change, albeit hard, can be a good thing.
Happy writing and reading!
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0 Replies to “Shift Happens – The Launch”

  1. Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog today mom! Your friends and blog followers are an awesome group of people and I really appreciate the opportunity to meet and converse with them.

  2. Hey, Jo-Ann. I”m so sorry that I’ve never picked up that JC and grand (and SIL) moved away! Know that was a wrench. Wow, JC,don’t know how you’re surviving in the new frosty environment. Obviously you are! I’m so glad. Congrats on your release. What an awesome trailer and that you made it yourself! So impressed. I’ll be sharing. You’ve got an intriguing story line. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks Marsha! It’s been a pretty interesting adjustment and I miss my family and friends every day. Not to mention the forests, mountains, and my first love–the ocean. That being said, the transition has been made easier with the love and support from my f&f, and technology really does mean they’re only a click away.
      One if the hardest things for me with this release and the worldwide one in July is I’d originally planned to have a launch party to celebrate. Being surrounded by all the people I love and who’ve supported me during this journey. Now I’m looking at doing one online on FB. It will be fun. There will be giveaways and contests. And I’ll get to visit my f&fs later in the summer and then it will just ganging out time and nothing book-related. 🙂

      1. Gee, JC. I never thought about that part. Listen, when you go home in the summer, even though you’ll be “ganging out” (LOL new term for me), those folks will want you to have a “real” book signing. I don’t have a print book out yet, and I did an on-line celebration, but folks still ask when the “real” book signing will happen. You deserve it, too. 🙂 Summer’s not long off–at least by the calendar. Best to you, sweetie. I love your mom, though we’ve never met in person. Someday, we’ll work that out. 🙂

        1. Hey Marsha
          I’ve been nagging her about a book signing too. What can I say? Great minds think alike. I’m sure we’ll meet.
          Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing our site. You rock.

      2. Lol! Ganging out is a new term for me too! Stupid phone. I meant to say hanging out! Maybe I will do a small signing, if we drive (i/o fly). I always thought it would be neat to do it in the coffee shop I wrote it in 🙂

    2. Hi Marsha
      “Wrench” the perfect word for it and bittersweet too. It’s wonderful seeing her young family have a home and a new start, but I do miss her terribly. I love the trailer too. Thanks again for being there.

  3. HI JC
    Can;t wait to read this book. I’ve already bought it as you know and wish you huge success with it. It’s hard moving away from friends and family but technology does make it easier and I know you’ll have a wonderful time when you visit this summer. In the meantime the FB party sounds like fun!

    1. Thanks Pat! Email, FB and Skype make the distance tolerable. When I lived in NZ, FB wasn’t really big yet and neither was skype. It helps knowing that I can get in the car and drive or take a 2 hour flight.
      I can’t wait to hear what you think. I hope you like it!

  4. Hi C.J. Love your trailer! I find it amazing that you made it yourself. I downloaded an excerpt of ‘Shift Happens’ from Amazon and found it gripping… and a little different to the historicals I usually read 🙂 As a new bride I moved from Vancouver to northern Alberta so I can relate to the weather shock you have just gone through. Best of luck with your book launch.

    1. Thanks Helena! Yup, big shock. And yup, bit different from historical!! Thank you for the compliment re: my book trailer. I really worked hard on it and was determined not to pay a thing! I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m glad to hear that you liked it 🙂

    2. Hi Helena
      I love her trailer too. JC is a talented artist and adept with computer stuff, which she definitely didn’t get from me. lol. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    1. Thanks Judy! And thanks for the shout out on twitter. I’m glad to hear my diabolical plan is coming to fruition! (i.e. using a trailer to encourage people to pick up my book ).

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