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My Daughter the Writer

J.C. McKenzie

I am immensely proud of both my daughters, but today I’m talking about my youngest, J.C. McKenzie, who is launching her first book, Shift Happens this week with Wild Rose Press.


Did I know she’d grow up to be a writer?

When she was little she liked to create imaginary worlds with figurines and tuck them away in her room like secret enchanted worlds. She took dress-up seriously and would play for hours. The sound of her laughter still rings in my ears. And she read a lot. All good things for a writer.

But the short answer is: “No.” JC’s interests and talents vary widely. I figured she’ be: an artist (lots of talent), a scientist (she once handed me a dead Sowet owl at the dinner table) or a life-long traveller.

But then a couple years ago she handed me a manuscript she’d been working on, and I was blown away…to another world.

This woman can write.


Born and raised on the Haida Gwaii, off the West Coast of Canada, J.C. McKenzie grew up in a pristine wilderness that inspired her to dream. She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.
J.C. McKenzie’s Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | The Wild Rose Press

The Blurb for Shift Happens

ShiftHappens_w8140_300Andrea McNelly’s job as a government agent is to get things done and not ask questions, but when a routine assignment turns into a botched assassination of a servant to a Master Vampire, she needs answers. Her search to discover the truth is riddled with obstacles, the largest being an over sized Werewolf known as Wick who resembles a Norse god. Andy can’t afford the distraction he offers, because if she fails she faces eternal enslavement.
Wick’s job is to monitor Andy, but he prefers more intimate activities, none of them G-Rated. His choices, however, are often not his own. His ability to help Andy is limited by his bond to the Master Vampire.
Facing many trials and challenges, Andy learns the value of her freedom.

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0 Replies to “My Daughter the Writer”

    1. Hi Mimi
      Aaaaah thanks. I am a lucky Mom. I can’t wait either. It feels a bit like waiting for a grandchild to be born. You don’t have to do any of the work, but you still get all the joy.
      Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Hi Jodie
      Yes, I am very proud. It’s great sharing our love of books and writing. Every Monday we exchange a chapter and critique it, which has added a new dimension to our Mother-Daughter relationship. We follow each other’s stories closely. It’s all wonderful.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Best Wishes

  1. Congrats to your daughter on her publication!! How exciting for your whole family! What an amazing time for both of you – enjoy the ride! [fab post, by the way 🙂 ]
    Lisa McManus Lange

  2. C.J. I like your werewolf idea. I recall reading an urban fantasy about shape-sifters who switched from handsome (human) hunks to gorgeous flying dragons with shiny scales. They could hurl themselves into the sky and have ferocious battles, one minute, and then be seducing the heroine, who’s pheromones they couldn’t resist, in the next breath. It was Debra Cooke’s Dragonfire series.
    I look forward to your debut novel. How exciting – for you and your Mom, both!

    1. Thanks Helena! I haven’t read that series, but I think I may have to! If you like dragon shifters, you might want to check out Shana Abé’s Drakon series (smoke thief is book #1, and the best in my opinion). Thanks for stopping by! And no worries about the initials 🙂

  3. I am so sorry J.C. – I switched your initials. My son’s nickname is R.J. that’s my only excuse. My humble apologies.

  4. Hey, Jo-Ann. Glad I didn’t miss this, but I’ve been locked into galley edits and never even looked at emails. How exciting for both of you. Congrats, JC. This is an exciting time. I can’t wait until we’re celebrating your mother’s first release!
    And I confess to a bit of daughter envy! Each of my daughters is beautiful and brilliant in her own right. However, they do not read my books because I have cuss words and sex in them. Not a lot of either, but definitely in there. LOL I can’t imagine what y’all’s discussions must be like. I gather from the blurb, JC, there’s some sex. 🙂
    I’ll be picking up your book as soon as it’s available, and I’ll be sharing this blog.

    1. Thanks Marsha! My husband won’t read my books either, and I’m actually glad. But yes, there’s been some interesting conversations with my mom, for sure! Although I have a suspicion she skims the “naughty bits” in my book. 🙂

    2. Hi Marsha
      Woo hoo for you getting your galley finished. Congratulations. It’s nice to have you out of “the cave”.
      It is an exciting time for us and thank you for cheering us on. There are some hot scenes in Shift Happens, but when I read her work I don’t think about her as the writer or our relationship, I get lost in the story.
      I do find it interesting when she comments on my intimate scenes. I tend to be tamer in my detail and she wisely suggests I spice it up.
      Mother-daughter relationships are always growing and never dull.
      Your daughters sound very interesting too. We are so lucky.
      Thanks so much for stopping by

      1. Oh darn it! You beat me to it. I was going to tell Marsha to click the “link” ten times while placing her left index finger on the side of her nose. And then see how long it took the Texan wrath to come down on me. 🙂

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