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My WoW Workshop

WoW – My Workshop on Workshops


This is my thank you card from the ladies. Isn’t it gorgeous. It even sparkles.

I have to say thank you right back at them, because I learned a lot from them and had a great time.

What went wrong?

IMG_20140309_072743I know you want to know about that. lol. Here’s my list:

1. Angst over the music

Remember the tune, “I’m too sexy”. That’s the one.

I used it to introduce the activity of designing a workshop on How to Create a Sexy Hero using a graphic organizer. I embedded it into my PowerPoint presentation.

I worried about it, because my computer gave me a message that the link wasn’t safe. Argggggghh. I imagined foreign malware spies corrupting my computer…my life  with insidious viruses. And I have a good imagination.

 To make a long story short, I fretted about it for days and even complained to you guys on my blog, and then I deleted it and put in a new link (crossing my fingers that its source was safe). It worked. People laughed.

2. The disappearing chart stand

A week before my workshop I went to the library and arranged for a specific chart stand with paper to be in the room. It wasn’t. The front desk said they knew nothing about it. Grrrrrr. I improvised with a large white board and some paper we found in the cupboard.

3. The not-sticky stickies

For one of the openings I demonstrated, I  wanted to have the participants write down their ideas on stickies so that we could easily compile them into a chart.

But the stickies were not sticky. No wonder they were such a great deal in the Dollarama. They were just pieces of colored paper. Luckily I had masking tape with me. You could call it presenter’s duct tape.

The moral of my story: Even when a workshop appears to be perfect it isn’t. Behind the scenes the material is masking taped together with a lot of crossed fingers and invisible elbow grease.

What Went Right?

1. The audience rocked

Twelve women attended. They were interested in the topic, responsive, smart and fun. Together we laughed and we learned.

2. Walking the walk

I demonstrated everything I talked about and that always works. For example, when I talked about scaffolding information and the importance of teaching, modeling and then assigning practice, I modeled the practice part by giving a mini-lesson on “How to Have Good Sex…in a book,” using a graphic organizer. I had their attention.

3. Feedback

The feedback has been positive so far. One dear friend whispered in my ear half way through, “Awesome, awesome, awesome,” and at the end gave me a bouquet of flowers. My heart runs over with gratitude. I love my writing chapter.

Moral: When you give something of yourself to the world you are always repaid a million times over.

I enjoyed giving my workshop and look forward to taking part in the workshops the ladies are planning. Though maybe not the one on  enemas (We have a nurse in our group with a wicked sense of humor).

Your turn. Do you have a workshop story or moral to share?

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  1. I think it’s the imperfections and how you deal with them that make the workshops more interesting! I’m sure you were spectacular, and even though I’m not hosting a workshop, I wish I could’ve been there because I know it would’ve been interesting and I would’ve learned a lot! You are a “master” of education, after all 🙂

  2. Hi Jo-Ann,
    Sorry I missed the workshop. I smiled reading about it. BTW I think we are always our toughest critics. Best wishes, Reggi

  3. Fantastic that you are evaluating and processing your workshop. The sign of a master workshop leader! For sure, unplanned for events can change the dynamics of the day. The most uncomfortable experience I had was when a guest speaker was late. (She missed the ferry). And I was left with a lot of time to ‘fill in’. The morale of that story was always have something extra tucked up your sleeve, just in case. Sounds like your workshop went very well. Now you can take it ‘on the road’.

    1. Thanks Jodie
      for all your encouragement. I don’t think I’ll take this one on the road, but it was great practice.
      Loved you story about filling in for a presenter. You just never know when you have to pull something from your sleeve.
      Best Wishes

  4. As someone who was there I can honestly say I never noticed the non-sticky stickies. It looked as if that was all planned and with exercises such as the sexy man workshop how could we be anything but engaged.

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