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Rewriting my Website

The Go Daddy people gave me a nudge last week to update my website. They phoned  to promote their new website-building program that’s faster, slicker, and super cool.
I’d neglected my site for a few months, so I figured it was due for a thorough cleaning. Why not try something new?
Above is a picture of my new About Me page. One thing I like about my new template is that it gives me less room for stuff, which forces me to get to the point. Another thing I like is that it’s easier to drop pictures into it. It was even easy  to create my own background with a personal photo.
My website is my home on the Internet, and like every home I’ve ever lived in it’s not finished, and probably never will be. It truly is a work in progress. Drop in and pay me a visit. Tell me what you think.

Your turn. How have you been tweaking your life lately?

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  1. Hi Jo-Anne & please forgive my absence as I’ve been down as of late with bronchitis spawn from the flu. Poor Inion has been handling everything and taking care of her mama. I absolutely love your new look & enjoyed spending some time on it. The About was my favorite as it gave a real flavor of who you are & felt as though we we’re really meeting you!! We already think your wonderful but I can see this being good for those who don’t know you. I especially loved your statement (if I may quote you.) The writing itch stayed with me, as much a part of me as my skin.” You can always tell those that are destined to be writers by what they say about the craft. And this for me was brilliantly put!! Also loved, that you came on Friday the 13th and last but not least~ “I love a good mystery or thriller with romance – one that mixes danger with love. My goal is to get good at writing them.​” So humble as all the greats are!! Can’t wait to read them Jo Anne!! It would seem our daughters have hit it off as well & I couldn’t be happier!! Will be sharing this now with our networking friends.

    1. Hi Ladies
      Thank you checking out my website and giving me feedback. I really appreciate it. And thanks for the sharing.
      Sorry to hear about the flu. I hope you are feeling better.
      Happy writing

  2. It took me a bit to figure out how to get to your website, Jo-Ann. But what a treat to find the beautiful water view! Such a difference from the other dark and brooding back picture. Didn’t go there often after I signed up for your blog. I most often see this lovely page, but I like the change to your web site. I keep repeating: This is your year!
    Noticed you were in Sisters in Crime. I plan to join sometime this year. I want a shot at going to the Writers Police Acadmey in 2015. I understand this year filled up in an hour!
    My web site and blog is with Bemis Promotions. I can make a few changes on my own, but something major I’d have to get them to do it. I love my banner and the tag they developed from my input, so don’t see me changing. The picture is of the Portland Lighthouse in Maine. One of my blogs has a picture of me standing in front of it. So fun. Keep on trucking, Jo-Ann. You’ll get there.

    1. Hi Marsha
      I love your banner. The minute I click onto your website I can taste the salty breeze and feel romance in the air. It’s lovely, and it fits you and your writing to a tee.
      I’m making do with my homemade websites until I make some money and then I’ll hand it over to the experts.
      I quite enjoy the Guppies loop in SINC. They talk about a lot of the stuff the KOD ladies do, but there’s a distinct “mystery” emphasis. I’d love to go to the Writers Police Academy. I’m not sure where or when it is, but it would be great. So we’ll be sisters. Cool.
      Always great to hear from you my friend. Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation.

  3. It’s a big change. Your old website was more European, this high-lights your love of the Pacific Northwest and since the Black Cat Blues is set here that makes sense. Your excerpt made me want to keep reading!
    I’m disappointed to hear the Writers Police Academy for this year has already filled up. And I’ve been looking into joining Sisters In Crime as well.

    1. Hi Pat
      It would be fun to go to the Writers Police Academy. We should stake it out for the next round. As I said, below to Marsha, I really enjoy the Guppies loop on SINC. I’ve learned a lot of little tidbits there and they’re really friendly.
      Thanks for checking out my website, and thanks also for liking it. With the new program I can change the back picture in two minutes, which is nice, because I find it difficult to find one pic that covers my work.
      Hope your writing is going well.

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