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3 Key Points on Social Media from Russel Lolacher

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“Social Media: Why It’s Long Term Love, Not a One Night Stand”

a workshop by Russel Lolacher

1. The Why

“If you don’t know why you’re on social media, get off.” *

It’s all about the “Why.” He suggested viewing Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, “Start with Why” (below). Sinek shatters the old paradigm about how things work in marketing. Well, actually Apple and other Greats did that, but he explains it. What I came away with is the notion that I need to fully understand that the reason people will read my stories is that they want to connect with me and my view of the world. Social Media is a tool to let that happen.


2. Where?

With so many places to go and people to see in the world of Social Media, where do you begin? Lolacher suggests starting small but here’s the long list:

  • Goodreads (a mecca for readers now owned by Amazon)

The big three:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter (suggested using Buffer to manage tweets)
  • Linkedin

And then:

  • your own blog (because it is searchable by Google) and website (which should be like your home in the SM world)
  • About.me – a free place to list all your SM

3. Branding

It’s not about your name, logo, choice of font or the colors you use on your website. It is all about what other people say and think about you. They control your brand, not you. Where does that leave you and me?

We need to demonstrate and build: loyalty, trust, authenticity and transparency.

Branding is all about emotion. We need to connect with others in a real way to clearly communicate who we are and what we have to share.


Lolacher discussed many other aspects of Social Media, but these were three of his main points. Afterwards, watching Simon Sinek’s You Tube clip helped bring all the ideas together for me and gave me even more to think about. Being successful in Social Media requires taking the time to establish relationships with people built on all ‘the good stuff’ we all want from one another. I would sum it up as: connecting with heart and integrity.

russellolacher_1293662882_82Who is Russel Lolacher?

…an articulate Social Media Maverick…and more. He said, “I’m good at Social Media because of bartending.” Love that line.  But of course there is much, much more to him. Check out his bio on his About.me page.

He presented his workshop to our local RWA chapter (Vancouver Island) on Saturday January 11, 2014 in Victoria.


* Russel Lochaler


Your turn. Your thoughts on Social Media?

0 Replies to “3 Key Points on Social Media from Russel Lolacher”

  1. That was such a good talk even though I had to duck out half-way through! After work I followed him on twitter and left a tweet saying how much I appreciated it. That was around midnight. When I got up this morning there was an email saying he was now a follower and thanking me. It definitely didn’t seem to be an auto-tweet although I may have to double-check now just to make sure.

    1. Hi Pat
      I agree, it was an amazing workshop and the more I think about it, the more I need to think about it. It’s like he planted a seed that’s grown into a monkey tree in my head. lol. I like your idea of tweeting him. I’ll do the same. You’re always so thoughtful.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Best in chocolate

      1. Ah, well I must say I’m very impressed. I went to your website [i.e., Russel Loclacher’s] and read the blog about iPads replacing waiters at Applebee’s. SOO, not a win for the customer. Funnily enough I had my hair cut on Friday and the owner was saying he wanted to get a robot set up with an iPad so he could sit on a beach somewhere and still be there electronically for customers, staff and students. The whole idea was creepy though I get wanting to sit on a warm beach somewhere and stay on top of everything.

  2. Love the way you’ve made the main points here Jo-Ann. I’m less fearful of tackling social media now. It doesn’t seem so overwhelming when he said to start off with one or twoand really get to know them.
    Great self portrait. (LoL)
    the other Pat

    1. Hi other Pat
      Glad you like my hag self-portrait. lol.
      And I’m super glad that his talk left you feeling less fearful. I’m all for dipping in and learning how to swim. Maybe, this is the year you’ll launch your own website. You know we all like the articles you write for the newsletter. It would be great to see you collect them somewhere for everyone to enjoy.
      Thanks for your compliment and for adding to the conversation.

    1. Hi Judy
      I’m all for jumping.
      I actually haven’t been able to relax since I watched Sinek’s Ted Talk. He gave me so much to think about. Writing helps me think, hence the post.
      It was great seeing you yesterday. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      your partner in crime

        1. Hi Russel
          I love Simon Sinek’s Ted Talks. Thanks again for telling us about him. My mind keeps going back to it. Very powerful.
          And thanks again for taking time out of your busy life to give us a fantastic career changing workshop.

  3. I agreed with a lot of what he said yesterday. I’m on FB all the time and have been watching a couple of my fav authors and how they interact with their readers, Kristan Higgins and Jill Shalvis. They both have a huge following and what I’ve learned from them is to be natural- if that’s funny, which they are- so much the better. They mostly talk about day to day adventures and rarely promote their own work, only when they have something about to release. I think it’s that friendly attitude without the big sales pitch that makes them so popular. They’re genuinely nice people and it shines through, 😉

    1. Hi Jacquie
      It was so great to finally meet you yesterday and I look forward to you being part of our chapter. I’d love to hear what you’re working on right now. Rom-sus always intrigues me.
      Your comment raises what I think is the fundamental point in this whole conversation about Social Media, and that is that we need to be genuine. I couldn’t agree with you more.”That friendly attitude”, that ability to be yourself pulls us in.
      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation.

  4. This is THE best! Thank you for this great summary! It was a great workshop, highly recommended, and I am so glad you posted this. Thank you Jo-Ann, for this, and thank you for being you!

  5. Jo-Ann, you should think about a job of writing the synopsis for authors’ books. You’d make a ton of money. You do a great job of pulling out the salient points and giving enough explanation to make it all gel! The down side of this idea is you wouldn’t get to write your own material, so just forget I said anything. LOL But you seriously rock at this skill!
    I love that Russell latched on to your blog. Hope he will become a faithful follower like so many of us are.
    The reason being, we have gotten to know your lovely self and you share that person with us here.
    Juggling the time for SM is the pits for me. This whole morning is devoted to trying to catch up after 2 1/2 days off to do line edits. Not sure I’d recommend doing this. 500 emails is daunting to say the least.
    I will take a moment and watch the video. Thanks for sharing such important stuff and for being you!

    1. Marsha
      My dear friend from Texas, thank you for your kind words and praise. I keep wondering what I did in a past life to deserve such a good writing buddy. I certainly haven’t done anything good enough in this one to deserve you. I can’t say enough about how much your encouragement and friendship means to me.
      Sorry to hear you’ve been locked away with line-edits. It sounds gruesome. I’ve been revising a first draft and it’s hard work, but I can still set my own schedule that’s one advantage to not having a publisher. I put in 5 hours the first day. My eyes stung and jittered, my head felt like a cupboard in a horror movie,cluttered with words and plotlines that burned so deep into my skull they left an impression and it wasn’t a good one, my back ached like I’d ran a marathon with a thirty pound pack and …I began to long for a real life. lol. The next day I went to 4 hours. Better, much better.
      This is all to say that I feel for you, and hope the edits come to an end soon. I can’t wait to read the book.
      Best Wishes

  6. Russell’s workshop was so amazing. I finally get what social media is supposed to be about – making authentic connections which is why I love your blog, Jo-Ann. Thanks for the summary
    and the video link.

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