My Hostess Horror Story - Jo-Ann Carson

My Hostess Horror Story

Some women make being a hostess look easy, but I’m not one of them. I’m all thumbs, and no matter how much I plan ahead, something unexpected happens. This time I managed a fire and a flood.
My home filled with writers celebrating our friendships and the Christmas season. We chatted about the manuscripts we’re working on, the scenes that keep us awake at night and the story ideas that haunt our dreams. We talked about courses and conferences, of success and failure and what it all means to us.  Words like Amazon, algorithms, going Indie, becoming a hybrid and my favorite – going on a retreat – danced in the air. And yes, even the lowly comma got its due.
For my part, I tried my darndest to make everyone feel comfortable. My Christmas tree sat in the corner, lit up and sparkling. The second episode of Netlix’s crackling fire played on the big screen with music playing the background.  The coffee pot remained full and hot. Delicious food and bottles of sparkling pomegranate juice covered the kitchen table. The smell of fresh baking hung in the air.
But gatherings never go exactly as planned. First, the door to our gated community broke, so I kept running outside to the front of the complex to let people in.
Then one visitor lit a napkin on fire (note to self – never put an open flame on a buffet again, ever…note never, no matter how pretty you might think it looks). She says her sweater sleeve survived.
Then a guest poured herself a cup of tea, lifted her cup and the bottom fell out. Seriously. She had a bottomless cup! Tea streamed onto her saucer and from there onto the table leaving her unscathed. I could have died on the spot, but she, like the fire lady was most gracious.
We all gathered around the broken china cup and puddle of tea and  laughed. We now have a story to tell about Jo-Ann’s party. …after all the bottom fell out of it <grin>.  (note to self – do not keep cracked china even if you like the pattern and it has sentimental value).

Trillium Tea Cup (before)

My Mother’s Trillium tea cup (before)



With three blunders under my belt, I felt it time to relax and I did. There’s nothing better than sharing laughter with friends. I had a wonderful time. Merry Christmas.santa5What about you? Do you have a horror story to tell?
P.S. – btw I’m looking for guests for my Friday spots. Contact me, if you’d like to write a post.

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  1. Oh dear! How I wish I was there! Sounds like you all had a great, great time – lots of ‘memories’. Love this recap, love the writing, love to you! See you in January! Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa
      I wish you were there too Lisa. We could have swapped knitting and writing stories. Looking forward to seeing you in January.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Merry Christmas

    1. Hi Joanne
      Thanks for the compliments. If you lived in this neck of the woods, I would have invited you. But then, who knows what calamity might have happened .
      Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas

  2. Sounds like fun was had by all, wish I could have made it. You’re right, it seems whenever things screw up is when people best come together, 🙂 Merry Christmas
    Jacquie Biggar

  3. You hosted the perfect Christmas gathering, Jo-Ann.The nibblies were luscious and you made everyone feel warmly welcomed. You can’t go wrong with a group of romantic scribblers. – There’s just so much to share. I missed the fire, but remember laughing over the bottomless tea cup. My only regret was having to leave early. Lovely memories.

  4. Sweetie, you need to cut yourself some slack. The way I see it is, the only one of these three “disasters” you can claim responsibility for is the cup incident. Granted that is really weird. Maybe you have to pick up each cup and saucer before setting them out. The fire and the gate are clearly not your fault. However, next time, you might think of putting a warning sign up near a flame. LOL Completely wonderful, memorable party. Others will be hard to match this.
    I’d like to share a disaster story, but we don’t entertain as much as we used to, and I’ve blanked from my memory all those less than successful endeavors. Have a lovely Christmas and new yer, Jo-Ann. Look for great good news from you in 2014. Another FB and Tweet worthy post. 🙂

    1. Marsha
      You’re right. If I step back, I can’t blame myself for all three blunders, but you know how you do. You just do. lol
      Your name came up at the party btw, as an example of an awesome writing friendship forged over miles through the Internet. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Thank you for promoting me and wishing me well. And most of all, thank you for being there day after day.

  5. Since I was a guest at the party, I can honestly say that Jo-ann is a lovely hostess. Upon arrival, her home looked warm, inviting, and very Christmassy (which I loved). The table was set with so much good food that we couldn’t wait to dig in. And the fire and flood did add to day’s entertainment. The chatter about our profession as authors was interesting, informative and at times uplifting. I’d say a great time was had by all!! XO

    1. Hi Mimi
      Your words are so kind, as always. Thank you. I had a great time.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      ps I left a message about spending Sunday morning reading Lovable Christmas Angel on the last post.

  6. Jo-Ann
    We had a wonderful time. You do a great job of putting people at ease and making everyone feel comfortable. In return we do things like set ourselves on fire (napkin and no one or thing was actually hurt due to the fast thinking of the person involved).
    But the cup was good. I must admit I looked around for a candid camera guy.Without naming names the writer involved had way more aplomb in dealing with the situation than I would have.

    1. Aaah Pat
      Thank you. I’m really glad you drove over a mountain to get here.
      Can you imagine what a candid camera guy could catch in one of our gatherings? Oh my. What a great idea for a murder mystery.
      And yes, I agree, B handled the bottomless cup with grace.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    1. Stephanie
      I agree with you. I think near the end, I’ll sit in a rocking chair and remember all the crazy things that happened to me, make peace with each and every one and cherish them. At least I hope so .
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I emailed you about a guest post.
      Best Wishes

  7. Sounds like a party, and a year, to remember! Sometimes it doesn’t feel like we’ve accomplished very much in a year, but then when we look back on it… Wow! What a year!
    I wonder what 2014 will bring? Looking forward to finding out!

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