Loveable Christmas Angel - Mimi Barbour - #1 on Amazon - Jo-Ann Carson

Loveable Christmas Angel – Mimi Barbour – #1 on Amazon

First I wanted to thank Jo-Ann for letting me visit her blog. This lady is a talented author and the kind of supporter we all need as a friend. She and I met in the RWA group we both belong to and have been critique partners, convention sisters and brainstorming buddies ever since.images19T53WP3
During this season, it’s kind of a nice time to reflect on everything that’s happened in the past, isn’t it? I started writing in 2006, published with Wild Rose Press in 2007 and stayed with them until just this year.
After serious contemplation, I requested the rights back for my Vicarage Bench Series. This year, my last two books reverted to me and I moved on with my career as an Indie author. Now, I can’t say enough good things about TWRP, as an E-pub they were the best. It’s just that I knew I could focus on my few books a lot more than they could when they had hundreds. So I decided to step out of the traditional mold and invest in my own future.
I worked hard ( I mean really hard!!) over the last few years, putting every penny I had into turning out professional looking products, paying for the best covers and enjoying the collaboration with some wonderful editors. It’s been a slog some days, it’s true. But there’s never been a day I’ve woken up and thought – oh no! Work!!! Yuck!!
I guess it sounds kinda corny, (God strike me dead if I’m lying – ahhh maybe not dead – just a good bonk on the head) but I love every day and no matter what I’m doing, I know it’s for my future. I never doubted that at any time.


So… last week it finally happened. My book “Loveable Christmas Angel” took off on Amazon during a free promotion and hit #1!!! Holy Macaroni!! You wanna talk excitement. My hip’s still bruised from when I fell over the footstool doing the happy dance. The book has managed to remain high on the ranking once it changed to the paid files and has put me in the top 100 best-selling author’s list. That alone is a dream come true!
I have to admit to getting periodic rushes from this work. Five-star reviews from professionals that you know read a lot of wonderful books but still liked mine. Or fan mail from people who just want you to know that your book brought them joy. Better yet, finishing a book and realizing that it’s GOOD!! Heck if the author cries while writing the story, it’s gotta be a hit. Right??
Well I guess that was proven true with Loveable Christmas Angel. I bawled when I wrote it and every time I edited it. I fell in love with the characters Leilani and Kale, and the angel, Pi, was a real sweetheart. So when the reviews started rolling in after the big giveaway on Amazon, I just knew the readers were telling me, they felt the same way.
Now how great is that?? It’s like Santa Claus and the Loveable Christmas Angel worked together to make my wishes come true. Do you have special wishes this season?
And so my friends… here’s hoping all your wishes come true.
Merry Christmas and the very, VERY best in the coming New Year.

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  1. You are truly an inspiration Mimi! I’ve followed your career since the beginning when you first started with The Wild Rose Press. I admire your determination and persistence. Super qualities for a writer.
    You are not afraid to take chances and have embraced social media long before many of us knew what a ‘tweet’ was.
    Congratulations on your success! I know how hard you’ve worked. Make sure you take time to enjoy the festive holiday just around the corner.

  2. SOO happy for you Mimi! You write heart-warming feel good stories and you’ve worked hard at making your dream come true. Merry Christmas and hope your hip recovers soon.

  3. Hey, Mimi. Love your name. It’s what my grands call me. 🙂 You’re right about Jo-Ann being super supportive. I can’t wait until one of her books makes it into the published world! Can’t be long now. I’m betting 2014 is her year.
    You’re pretty supportive yourself, Mimi. Appreciate all your RTs for my blogs and others I float out there. I admire your handle of social media. It is a challenge for me.
    Okay, I love your book cover! Beautiful! Congrats on how well your Indie Pubbing career is going. I’ll FB and Tweet this post.

  4. I can’t imagine your excitement as you watched your book climb the charts, it gives validation to all that hard work, and seeing your name up in ‘lights’ doesn’t hurt either, lol
    Congrats and happy holidays 🙂

  5. Hi Jodie,
    Your words gave me a lump in my throat and actually made me stop talking for quite some time until I could finally swallow. And you and I both know it takes a lot to make me silent LOL! Thank you, my friend. xo

  6. Hi Pat, You are one sweet lady, supportive and hard-working. I wish you all the best in your own career. Other than being black and blue, the hip is fine :-)))) In fact, I consider it a well-earned injury for a sweet moment that I pray will come again and again and… LOL

  7. Hi Marsha, Do you find people’s head’s swiveling when someone asks your name and you say Mimi. Somehow, I get the feeling people just don’t connect a grey-haired chick sporting such a cutsey name – I love it!!
    I have no doubt the big year for Jo-ann will be 2014. When I think of all she’s accomplished this past twelve months, I smile and nod and think – Oh yeah! Soon, very soon !
    And thanks for your support also. It means so much, doesn’t it, to see friendly faces out there in the social media circles. It’s like we’re old friends. I’ll watch out for you now for sure and give a touch as often as possible. I love my cover, also. Steven Novak is a genius!! xo

  8. Hi Ros,
    Thank you for always being so happy for me. I promise to return the favor one day. Just let me know when you’re ready to ahhh…fly!!! BTW You’re newsletters for VIC are brilliant. It’s no wonder other Chapters follow us. :-)))

  9. Hi Jacquie,
    You are so right about the excitement. I screamed, swore, jumped, pumped my hands, ran into the living room, screamed at hubby on the couch – “I’M #1” – then began the happy dance only to fall over the footstool laughing like a crazy woman. Yeah…I’d say I was just a mite excited. LOLOL
    Thanks for reblogging!! I went to visit you there and didn’t find any buttons to tweet or facebook your site. Will do so anyway. But I did follow :-)))

  10. Congrats Mimi on your #1 ranking! That’s awesome and what a delightful early Christmas present! I really enjoyed reading about your personal journey to indie publishing and I can’t wait to read “Lovable Christmas Angel.” I hope it makes me cry in the good way…not the bad!!

  11. Mimi
    I spent my Sunday morning reading your book and loved every minute of it. It’s my favorite of yours, so far. I liked the little mysteries embedded in the story and as always your characters shine. And yes, I cried at the end:)
    I’ll post a review soon.

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