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The Not-exactly Hibernating Blogger

LIBRARYAn Intense Writing Time:

Heading towards the climax in the story I’m writing, my mind is as busy and chaotic as an overturned  hornet’s nest. As the plot threads weave closer together, ideas flow and crash against the confines of my brain. My eyes glaze over and a sense of dizziness in the grey matter arises.
The point of my rambling attempt at describing my state of my mind is that I need more time for my story. For these dark months, as I reach my black moment (a romance term for a climax – you can guess why they don’t like the term climax)  I’ll slim down to two posts a week. One for me and one for a guest.
Making me a not-exactly hibernating blogger. 

Stats are in:

Numbers leave me cold, but bar graphs can sometimes smack me in the face. In the November 2013 edition of Romance Writer’s Review the graph detailing the Romance market share compared to other genres hit with a mighty punch. I knew Romance sold well, but look at these stats: Romance $1.439 billion (16.7%), and compare it to Mystery $729 million (8.5%), Religion/Inspirational $718 million (8.3%), Science Fiction/Fantasy $590 million (6.9 %) and Classic literary fiction $471 million (5.5%).
As  a side note, I noticed that The Globe and Mail (Canada’s national newspaper) has added a list for Romance in their best sellers listings in the Saturday edition. Interesting.
I’m glad I like writing about love, as well as mystery.
Does the winter effect your productivity or creativity?

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    1. Emma
      I love curling up by a fire with a good book this time of year. There’s a warm quality to the darkness. But I too need to get more done.
      It’s hard to imagine you hibernating. Love your new book cover (Beneath Manhatten Skies). Best of luck with your blog tour.
      And thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Best Wishes

  1. I don’t know how you blog as often as you do, Jo-Ann.(Particularly with such high quality posts!) I’ve never aspired to more than my own post and a guest author. As much as I love both, takes a lot of time to plan and put up. (For me anyway. LOL) Good luck with the pulling of those threads together. I know it will be lovely when completed.

    1. Marsha
      Thanks so much for cheering me forward. You are an amazing friend. I agree blogging takes time, and I seem to be short of it at the moment. lol. There are Christmas cards to write.:)
      Best Wishes

  2. Yes. Winter effects my energy level thus my productivity. I have to push myself to go out for a walk on grey rainy days, so actually I have been happy with the sunshine we’ve had recently. But I am stressed by my new computer (the beast) and trying to work out all the commands in different locations. Then there is a contest I want to enter within two weeks’ time which conflicts with my Christmas card writing. I love this pre-Xmas season but always feel behind the eight-ball. The stats you included about romance writing are a nice little incentive to push myself a bit more.

    1. Helena
      Sorry the beast is being so difficult and the going feels slow. Good luck with the contest entry. My fingers are crossed. I know you write a gadzillion cards this time of year. You amaze me. And you make so many people feel connected and…happy. Hope the season’s load feels lighter soon.
      Best Wishes

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