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My Seventh Blogging Tip for Writers

Lucky7Turn up Regularly

Lucky number seven. This tip cannot be stressed enough. Creating regularly scheduled posts:

  1. increases traffic to your site,
  2. moves your name up the Google recognition chain,
  3. keeps your readers happy and enables you to establish a relationship with them as individuals and as a group. Remember the purpose of social media is to make connections.
  4. proves that you are a dependable writer. See Kirsten Lamb’s post, Author Success-The Laws of Sowing and Reaping

But as we all know, it’s easier said than done. The more you do it, the easier it gets, and your stats will show steady progress. Good luck.
To see my complete list of tips go to: My Top Ten Blogging Tips.
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Happy blogging.

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  1. Great post, Jo-Ann. Of all your tips, I probably do this one the best. Even we went to Maine, I made sure my Thoughts on Thursday blog went out and I checked in and commented.
    You’ve frequently done the rule about including links, even before you told us the rule. You’re demonstrating that one today like gangbusters. I need to work on this one more and also being brief. LOL I’m getting a bit better shortening my comments on others’ blogs, not so much on my own. I’ll FB and Tweet.

  2. Hi we’re new to your blog by way of our introduction on twitter. So happy to meet you & love the fact that your a mother/daughter team who found us. We look forward to stopping by & reading more as well as picking up a copy of one of your lovely books. Now, about the post. Excellent point Jo! And we’re big fans of Kristen Lambs blog. A blog is a lot of work, but when operated properly, can as you said, increase your traffic & thereby your readers. Not to mention, it’s just unbelievably fun. We’ve made friendships that we cherish by way of our blog. If we take nothing with us but that, it’s more than enough incentive to keep us going. And now, we have one more new friend to get to know better! 🙂

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