Building Worlds and Social Media Platforms (ECWC Part 2) - Jo-Ann Carson

Building Worlds and Social Media Platforms (ECWC Part 2)


Today I’ll talk about two more workshops I took at the Emerald City Writer’s Conference (Seattle, Oct. 2013)

Building the Different Romance Worlds with Nancy Northcott

I had to run out of this workshop to make a pitching appointment, but in the ten minutes I attended I gained one huge idea:

I don’t need to understand everything about a time period to set a story within it. Just enough. It hit me like a two by four.

Marketing and Discoverability Getting it Right with Jen Talty and Bob Mayerbackground

  • talked about the three Ps – Platform, Product and Promotion


  • decide who you want to be, create name recognition, be the expert in the field
  • detail your special background
  • appeal to emotion – it’s larger than logic
  • network – get out there – meet people



  • books, classes, articles, blog
  • focus on readers -not just other writers
  • best platform is a great product but the #1 thing to do is write another book


  • keep reading and writing
  • study and understand the business

About the digital revolution …

  • market is saturated with e-books
  • musicians survived the collapse of the old way of selling music by doing two things: 1) going on tour and 2) taking control of their rights
  • be cost-efficient with time as well as money
  • only thing that sells books is book placement and word of mouth
  • get out there and build your community
  • the reader needs to see your name and/or the name of your book seven times
  • images are more important than words
  • balance promo with networking and supporting others
  • work on your weaknesses
  • being a promoter is hard for writers – it’s not part of our nature – learn to do it.


  • 2 things that work are product placement and readers talking to readers
  • Where are you in the Social Media World? Suggested you find 1 or 2 things you’re good atΒ  and work them (eg., Twitter and FB)
  • Twitter- he “poaches” 950 followers a day who he thinks might be interested in his work and then culls them later if they don’t follow back
  • your website is your business card
  • link your buying platforms to your website
  • remember a writing career is a marathon not a sprint
  • build your street team
  • work on your SMΒ  platform

You gotta think ahead

0 Replies to “Building Worlds and Social Media Platforms (ECWC Part 2)”

    1. Hi Joanne
      I’m glad you liked my post. His website’s cool too, and if you ever get a chance to hear the two of them it’s well worth your time.The ideas were flying at us, just under the speed of light. I scribbled as many as I could catch.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Best Wishes

  1. Great post, Jo-Ann. Haven’t heard Jen before, but have Bob and Love Him! The key is figuring out how to do all the SM and still write the next book. Because I went to my writing retreat this weekend for just under 14, 000 on next book, I’m buried in emails. I hadn’t looked at them since Friday morning! Whoa! Off to delete a few more after I FB & Tweet this. πŸ™‚

    1. Marsha
      Love your support. Thank you for all your tweets and FB shares.
      14,000 words is hard to believe. Did you breathe? I’ve never been on a retreat. They must be really inspiring.
      I just got back from visiting the grandies and am ploughing through my SM stuff, so I know what you mean about a backlog. lol. I can’t wait to get back to my current story.
      14,000 – I’m still stuck on that number. Wow! Congratulations.
      Best Wishes

  2. I attended the same workshop and the two presenters seemed to be very current and on top of all the various aspects of the publishing business. There was so much to absorb. I enjoyed reading your notes. It all helps.

  3. Thanks for sharing Jo-Ann!
    Like you say, so much to absorb πŸ™‚ …. Luckily for me, I’d bought the mp3 recording of the workshop Jen and Bob did at Nationals — lots of note taking is easier when you can turn it off and on. I treated myself to just listening to their ECWC presentation, so I’m grateful for your notes!
    Kathryn Jane

    1. Kathryn Jane
      You’re so smart taping the sessions.
      I like to take notes, because I learn by writing things down (big surprise – I am a writer) I took my lap top to Thrillerfest last July, thinking I could type as I listened. But of course, my Word program jammed and I lost a lot of content. So now I’m back to a dollar store notebook and ball point pen. It’s light to carry, never gets stolen and works for me. But I think having a tape back-up would be awesome.
      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation.
      Best Wishes

      1. ha ha… I didn’t tape, I didn’t even go to Nationals πŸ™‚ but the taped workshops are for sale on the RWA website, so I spent about $50 and downloaded a whole bunch of workshops πŸ™‚

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